The Foundation team works on programmes in accordance with its mission and aims, namely:

The Talented Children of Rousse


The programme deals with the following priorities:
1. Encouragement of individual talented children and groups
2. Help to gifted children in a disadvantageous social position
3. Grants for participation in competitions
4. Foundation competitions


The Family of the Good People

The foundation develops and realizes projects and charity campaigns aiming to assist:
1. Orphanages
2. Children in a disadvantageous social position
3. Special needs children
Fund-raising is accomplished via:
1. Initiation of events such as beneficent concerts, exhibitions, dissemination of printed materials, auctions and others
2. Donations
3. Sponsorship campaigns with companies, institutions, funds and foundations and other non-governmental organizations


Capacity building and administration of the Bistra & Galina foundation

The programme involves the following activities:
1. Cooperation with volunteers from other non-governmental organizations
2. Training programmes for volunteers to build skills in communication with donors, legal and financial aspects of fund-raising
3. Participation of Foundation employees in seminars and workshops of other NGOs with relevant activities
4. Publication and dissemination of an annual bulletin of the Foundation


1. Application and participation of the Foundation in projects of other NGOs
2. Joint campaigns, conferences and seminars with NGOs with relevant activities
3. Research and assistance to applicants to seek support with other organizations and institutions pertinent to their needs
4. Participation in international events with a view to securing interaction, collaboration and partnerships
5. Building and maintenance of a partnership network


Open-ended programme

Promotion of activities aimed at:
1. Conservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Rousse
2. Environmental and preventive education
3. Civic education
4. Regional development
5. Participation in festivities, exhibitions, concerts, publications
6. Recording of activities of the Foundation by means of video-films and other publicity materials


Eligibility criteria for the programmes:

1. Age: 12-19+
2. Geographical coverage: regional, international
3. Pertinence: the projects eligible for application should relate to - art; literature; science and technology innovation.

The sessions of the Managing Board for consideration of documents and giving a written reply are held four times a year according the following calendar plan:

1-15 December application
28 February consideration and reply
1-15 March application
30 May consideration and reply
1-15 June application
30 August consideration and reply
1-15 September application
30 November consideration and reply