Programmes of the Bistra & Galina Foundation

I. The Talented Children of Rousse

The programe is open to competition and deals with the following priorities:

1. Encouragement of individual talented children and groups
2. Support to team activities of young people
3. Help to gifted children in a disadvantageous social position
4. Foundation competitions

II. The Family of the Good People

The Programme involves provision of support to:

1. Children in a disadvantageous social position
2. Children without parents and relevant institutions
3. Special needs children

III. Capacity building and administration of the Bistra & Galina Foundation

The Programme is run along the following lines:

1. Participation of Foundation employees in training seminars and workshops
2. Training programmes for volunteers
3. Publication and dissemination of an annual bulletin of the Foundation
4. Servicing of the Foundation website

VI: Partnership

1. Accomplishment of joint projects, campaigns and forums with other non-governmental organizations and collaboration with their volunteers
2. Research and assistance to applicants to seek support with other organisations and institutions pertinent to their needs
3. Building and maintenance of a network of partners, contributors and volunteers

V: Open-ended programme

Support to activities aimed at:

1. Promotion and conservation of the historical and cultural heritage properties of Rousse
2. Environmental and preventive education
3. Civic education
4. Regional development initiatives
5. Participation in festivities, exhibitions, concerts.

Eligibility criteria:
Age: 12 28 (for programmes I and II)
Geographical coverage: regional
Pertinence: the projects eligible for application should relate to:


The Foundation does not deal with:

Medical treatment
Tuition fees for colleges abroad
Individual travelling expenses