Application procedure

The Bistra & Galina Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, who considers applications at sittings every three months. The decisions are announced by telephone and in writing.

I. Documents are to be submitted personally by the applicant to:

The Bistra & Galina Foundation
8, Asparuh str. Rousse 7000
Office hours: 8 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Coordinators: Velina Tzekova, Yulka Iordanova

For contacts:
tel: +359 82 82 33 44
fax: +359 82 82 33 45

II. The set of documents should contain:

1. Curriculum vitae of the applicant – person/s or organization (detailed information about background and CV; documents to attest to income, list of organizations the applicant has been supported by or is a grantee of; valid postal address and telephone)
2. Project description (details of application motives)
3. Aim of project, project activities and expected results
4. Project contribution to Foundation action (agreement of the applicant to be involved in the Foundation charity campaigns and joint initiatives.)
5. Project budget detailing expenditures and sum required from the Foundation. Declaration of other possible financing organizations.
6. Recommendation letters from three experts in the project area

III. Interview with applicant, if found eligible

IV. Research by the Foundation and submission of the project to the Board of Directors for consideration

V. Submission of grant and signing of contract

VI. The grantee is to submit a detailed report on expenditures with relevant financial documentation, as well as evaluation of results achieved.

The “Bistra & Galina” Foundation was set up in 1998 with the aim to assist in the education and development of talented children and young people as well as children in a disadvantageous social position in Rousse and the region.
The Foundation supports activities aimed at the promotion and conservation of the cultural heritage of Rousse.
The “Bistra & Galina” Hotel is the main sponsor of the Foundation in its noble mission.