We, teachers and students at the Secondary Professional Technical School for Machine-building – Rousse, would like to express our most cordial gratitude towards the “BISTRA AND GALINA” FOUNDATION for their exceptional care, support and correctness at the realization of the idea for integrated education in our school.
  Mr. Bardarov,
Kindly accept the most sincere regards of the social workers and the managing staff of the Municipal Social Support Service – Rousse for the understanding and the financing of the project we offered you for the supporting of children of insufficient means in its first part.
  The staff and managers of the SK ”Zora” would like to express their gratitude to all donors and especially to the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation.
  Mr. Bardarov,
We, the children at “A. Kanchev” Primary School, are very grateful for your having taken care of us in March, April and May 2000...