The mission of the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation envisages the performance of activities aiming at provision of conditions to nurture young people of high intellectual and cultural background, stimulate the creative and constructive beginning in human beings, enhance the further development of spiritual and cultural communication among people. Considering the above we set ourselves the following objectives:
1. Support to education, professional training and creative development of talented children in a disadvantageous social position and gifted young people from the city of Rousse and the region.
2. Improvement of the life conditions, education and upbringing of children – natural and social orphans.
3. Organizing charity campaigns and realization of projects directed to supporting children in disadvantageous social position and ones with special needs.
4. Performance of activities to promote and protect the cultural heritage of the city of Rousse.
5. As a priority of the year 2000 – develop sustainable programmes and seek possibilities to apply for grants with international donors.