Çäðàâêà è Ñòðàøèìèð ÁúðäàðîâèThe “Bistra and Galina” Foundation was established and registered on 10.07.1998 in Rousse. It started its activities in the middle of 1999, when the managing body and team were formed. The foundation was created in the name of the two deceased daughters of the family Zdravka and Strashimir Bardarov – founders of the foundation. In April 1999 the “Bistra and Galina” hotel, property of the Bardarovs, was opened and on 02.12.1999 it was awarded the Prize of the Bulgarian hotel and restaurant association (BHRA) for a most effective investment of ’99. Bequeathed to the Foundation, the “Bistra and Galina” hotel in Rousse is the only one of its kind in the country, built to accumulate funds for charity. Month grants from the income of the hotel continuously supplement the funds of the Foundation.

The idea comes from Holland. The Bardarovs learn about the “Moduro Damme” museum in the country of tulips, which was founded by a wealthy Dutchman, whose son – a student – had taken part in WWII and had died in the concentration camp of “Dahau”. Firstly they think of making an amusement park like the “Tivoli” in Copenhagen. Then they plan to build a cafeteria in the style of the Parisian cafes. In the end the idea is born to set up a small hotel of the so-called business class. The funds for buying the building plot in the centre of Rousse and for the construction work come from the income of “Sasha Impex” leather-dressing firm, owned by Mr. Bardarov. leather trade is profitable and the business activity of the firm expands as far as Rumania, Moldavia and the Ukraine. Its production finds a market in Holland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain and Brazil.

”There are so many talented children in Bulgaria, but unfortunately so many poor children, too. We would like to lend a helping hand to all of them, if only we could” – says Zdravka Bardarova.