Numerous guests, partners and friends sang "Happy Birthday" together with Ms. Zdravka Burdarova in front of the unique cake under the multicoloured fireworks in the sky of Rousse. The most beautiful flower garden in Rousse - that of the four-star "Best Western Hotel Bistra and Galina" hosted many guests, partners and friends on June 12th 2009 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the hotel and the Foundation. In the year 1999 the Burdarov family opened the hotel and alongside with it they registered a foundation to support the talented children of Rousse and the cultural and historical heritage of the city. Since then the hotel, member of the Bulgarian Hoteliers and Restauranteurs Association has been awarded seven prestigious international and national prizes, the latest of which was granted within the framework of the International Exchange "Cultural Tourism" – Veliko Turnovo 2009, for the most outstanding contribution in the development of cultural tourism – the sponsorship of the scale model of the Taxation Building in Rousse in the exposition "Bulgaria on a Palm". Numerous initiatives, projects, exhibitions and concerts are part of the unique history of the Foundation known by its logo: two red hearts so familiar to the Rousse children as well as to those who the Foundation has supported. To this day the Foundation has found partners for its noble activity among 288 companies and organisations, 112 individual donors and 610 children who participated each year in the Children's Summer Academy "Bistra and Galina".

At the impressive concert organised on June 10th 2009 in the city Ms. Zdravka Burdarova received the plaque of Rousse and a greeting address from the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Bojidar Yotov as a sign of gratitude and recognition of the activity of the Foundation. Because of that and everything created with great desire and love and because of the noble cause of Zdravka and Strashimir Burdarov, the formal opening of the event in Rousse began with a minute of silence in memory of Mr. Strashimir Burdarov, founder of the Foundation. Among the honoured guests of the festive evening were Meglena Plugchieva – Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bojidar Yotov – Mayor of Rousse Municipality, Aleksander Nedelchev – Deputy-mayor of the Rousse Municipality, Architect Simeon Rangelov – Chief Architect of Rousse, Architect Rumyana Kalugina – architect of the "Bistra and Galina" Hotel-Foundation, many representatives of the administration, business and the media. Many partners and hotel guests offered their congratulations to the owner Ms. Zdravka Burdarova and filled the entrance, the lobby and the stairs of the hotel with numerous bouquets of flowers. The Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Meglena Plugchieva and the Mayor of Rousse Municipality Bojidar Yotov personally greeted Ms. Zdravka Burdarova and her team for the ten-yearlong work of the Foundation and the great success of the hotel. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Hoteliers and Restauranteurs Association its president Blagoi Ragin the Burdarovs' for their active work 10-year-long selfless work in the name of Bulgarian tourism. He presented Ms. Zdravka Burdarova, member of the Board of Directors of the Association with an honorary diploma and a gift from her colleagues. The audience applauded the delivery of the traditional awards of the hotel for a company and a patron with the greatest number of stays in the hotel, for the longest period of work with a tour operator in the ten-year span. The award for a partner that provided the largest donation for the Foundation – Rotary Club, Holland, was presented to Mr. Kor Duermayer, and the one for the most active coverage of the activity of the "Bistra and Galina" Hotel- Foundation Slaviana Manolova from the "Sedmichen Trud" newspaper. Honorary diplomas, plaques and special prizes were given to Ivelin Marinov, employee of the "Best Western Hotel Bistra and Galina" and Yulia Yordanova, coordinator of the Foundation.

Ms. Zdravka Burdarova surprised her guests with a unique enormous cake and multicoloured fireworks. Under the lights of the fireworks together with her colleagues from the Bulgarian Hoteliers and Restauranteurs Association she sang "Happy Birthday". The stylish cocktail, the fantastic culinary delicacies, the beautiful decoration and the live music added up to the festive atmosphere in the garden of the hotel fragrant with the scent of roses liliums, petunias and blossoming linden trees. And when the last fire chrysanthemum blazed over the "Bistra and Galina" Hotel-Foundation, there appeared one after the other the silhouettes of two red hearts...