The founders of „Bistra & Galina“ Foundation managed to realize their intentions – to support financially the talented children of Ruse with funds mainly from the hotel. These are the means of operation of the hotel that after covering its expenses bestows its earnings for the charitable activity of the Foundation. Actually all skeptics who think that least and least people sponsor education, culture and art ventures can be proven wrong. Up to date „Bistra & Galina“ Hotel-Foundation has received numerous awards: “Most Effective Investment in Tourism”, by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association - BHRA (1999); a member of BHRA who has contributed the most for “Building Bulgaria’s Image Abroad” (2001); the prestigious “Arch of Europe” (golden category) – a quality award by Business Initiative Directions – BID (2001); Century International Platinum Quality Era Award (2002). During the 6th International Tourist Fair in Veliko Tarnovo on 11th of April 2009, the Chairman of BHRA Mr. Blagoi Ragin presented to „Bistra & Galina“ Hotel Foundation a prize for “Biggest Contribution in the Development of Culture Tourism for 2008”. In 2008 following principle that the guests should receive the highest quality hotel services, “Bistra and Galina” opened its renovated lobby bar.