As Margaret Mott says “... a small group of citizens who believe in a cause can change the world ...”. We believe in that maxim and over the years other people believed in it as well. Therefore in 2002 was born the idea of paying gratitude to the donor, who gave most resources, attention or work to support the mission of the Foundation. We established the “Golden Prize for the Donor of the Year” (14 carats). Unanimously in 2002, the team voted for Mr. Strashimir Bardarov. In the coming years, winners of the award were Ms. Nadka Georgieva (2003) - Executive Director of Himsnab - 7004 AD - Ruse, Mr. Chavdar Plaharov (2004 and 2008) - Executive Director of Sparky AD - Ruse, Mrs. Nezabravka Vicheva (2005) - Deputy director of the company Eurostars Ltd., a representative of “Mercedes” - Bulgaria; Mrs. Marinela Ruscheva (2006) - Executive Director of the “Tandem” -- Popovo, Mr. Ruslan Ivanov (2007) - commercial director of “Auto Star” Ltd. On 23rd of February 2009 Bistra and Galina Foundation presented its report in conjunction with the Christmas campaign for the sale of holiday cards “For a Child’s Smile”. Traditionally from 2002 till present, every year before the Winter holidays, representatives of businesses, customers and partners are offered to purchase cards with the logo of the Foundation. They represent holiday themed stories, but also beautiful landscapes of Ruse. Two of the cards are traditional paintings by the local artists Slaveiko Petrov and Violeta Radkova and others are design decisions, based on children’s drawings. The total amount raised from this year’s initiative is estimated at 5206 BGN. The collected funds will be distributed by the Foundation between its two main programs – “The Talented Children of Ruse” and The Family of Good People” and in particular for the realization of “Summer Academy 2009”.

In printing the annual report of „Bistra & Galina“ Foundation along with the other sponsors in the past year, gratitude is expressed to the companies and people who have bought most holiday cards. In 2009, at the 10-year anniversary of Bistra and Galina Hotel, the Foundation wishes to distinguish its donors and thank them for participating in the Christmas campaign in a special way. The company that bought the most cards for a second time was “Sparky” AD (350 cards) and therefore it received the Golden sign of the Foundation and an address of gratitude. The symbol of the foundation with the two golden hearts is presented to Mr. Chavdar Plaharov - Executive Director of “Sparky” AD. Three awards are presented to the companies that have bought cards regularly over the years: ZAD “Bulstrad”, represented by Mrs. Valentina Bogdanova - Head Accountant, “Rousse-Gas” Ltd. - to the manager Milena Jetcheva and Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”, represented by the Rector PhD Hristo Beloev. They accepted “For a child’s smile” awards. These awards, presented personally by the Chairwoman of Bistra and Galina Foundation Mrs. Zdravka Bardarova are a sincere gesture to the people who appreciate the Foundation’s charitable activities and believe that awareness of many people is needed “For a child’s smile”.

During the year that Bistra and Galina Hotel-Foundation will celebrate its 10 anniversary, these awards are even more valuable because they demonstrate that the basis for successful philanthropy are hard work, perseverance and faith that outspoken dreams can open people’s hearts for better. The continuous activity of the Foundation proves that, with its successful projects, its numerous achievements and hard work in the name of talented children in the region of Ruse, in favor of education, culture and history. The implementation of the programs, the realization of all projects and the positioning of the Foundation in the public area of Ruse, would not have been possible without the selfless efforts and the mental commitment of the people who developed these ideas in the period 1999 - 2009. Thank you, dear friends and associates! Zdravka Bardarova - Chairwoman „Bistra & Galina“ Foundation and an owner of the „Bistra & Galina“ hotel.