Total donated sum - 19 538 lv.



Sirma Velichkova – pianist, 11th grade student in “Prof.Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School in Veselinka Ivanova’s class, who has received many prizes. As a winner of a competition she has given independent concerts in Switzerland, has attended master classes with Angela Tosheva, Prof.Pancho Vladigerov. She is a part of Piano Trio for six hands. She participated in the Fifth International Piano Competition for 6 hands and 8 hands in Marktoberdorf, Germany and won prizes in categories C and F. The Foundation sponsored her attendance in the master class with Prof.Tomislav Bainov at the Music Academy of Trossingen, Germany. Second prize winner, category A in the Sixth ‘Franz Schubert’ Inte rnational Competition.

Невена Тодорова - 9 клас, пиано на НУИ „Проф. В. Стоянов”, в класа на Веселинка Иванова. Носител на ІІІ-та награда в категория А на международен конкурс за изпълнение на немска и австрийска музика и на конкурс „Франц Шуберт” през 2005г. Майсторски класове при проф. Тамара Поддубная и проф. Панчо Владигеров. Подпомогната за участие в „Пети между­народен конкурс за пиано ансамбли на 6 и 8 ръце” в Марктобердорф, Германия, където печели награди в категории C и F. Nevena Todorova – pianist, 9th grade student in “Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School in Veselinka Ivanova’s class. In 2005, she won the Third prize category A at the International competition for German and Austrian Music, so as in “Franz Schubert” Competition. She participated in the master classes with Professor Tamara Podubnaya and Professor Pancho Vladigerov. She was sponsored by the Foundation to attend the Fifth International Piano Competition for 6 hands and 8 hands in Marktoberdorf, Germany where she was awarded prizes in category C and F.

Martin Ivanov – pianist, 10th grade student in “Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School. He participated in many international and national competitions where he took 12 first prizes, 10 second awards, 7 third awards and other special prizes. He has also taken art in master classes with Professor Sally Pinkas, Professor Evan Hirsch and others. Martin recorded for the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio. The Foundation paid the fees for Martin’s participation in the Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters” Dobrich – Albena in piano and composition categories, piano master class during the March Music Days International Festival as well as in the “Maria Yudina” International Competition in Saint-Petersburg. He became a laureate of the competition and was awarded First place and a Special prize. At the 6th ‘Franz Schubert’ International Competition he won Third prize category D, group II for chamber music along with Petar Sokolov and Antonio Chorbadzhijski and received Second Prize category A in group III for piano solo.

Vassil Ivanov – pianist, 7th grade student in “Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School. He has participated in many international and national competitions and has received 13 prizes among which: First prize at the “Schumann – Brahms” Competition in Plovdiv, Third prize at the Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters” in Dobrich, Second prize in “Franz Schubert” Competition in Rousse. He attended master classes with Professor Tamara Podubnaya and Professor Atanas Kurtev. He was supported by the Foundation to take part in a piano master class during the March Music Days International Festival in Rousse and the “Franz Schubert” International Competition. He became a laureate and took First prize category A in group I for piano solo in the ‘Franz Schubert’ Competition. On the occasion of the holiday “24 May” Vassil was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in piano performance.

Radoslava Grigorova – pianist, 6th grade pupil in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, prize-winner of the National competition for young instrumentalists and singers ‘Svetoslav Obretenov’, Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters”, First International Competition ‘Young Virtuosi’, etc. She participated in the master class with Prof. Tomislav Bainov at the Music Academy of Trossingen, Germany.

Zhivko Georgiev - violinist, 11th grade student in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, he has won 5 prizes in national and international competitions and completed master classes with Prof. Vanya Milanova, Yuri Zhislin, Oleg Krisa, Prof. Mincho Minchev. He was supported by the Foundation to take part in master class with Prof. Mincho Minchev.

Siana Atanasova – pianist, 4th grade pupil in the Children’s Music School at the „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School. She has been playing piano for 5 years and has won first places in vocal and pianist competitions. She is a laureate of the 5th “Franz Schubert” International Competition, Second prize winner category C. At the 6th “Franz Schubert” International Competition she was granted a Prize of encouragement for piano performance, Third prize in category “Piano ensembles for 4 hands” and the special prize of the Chairman of the Executive committee. A song composed by Siana was nominated on Parade of Children’s Song at the Bulgarian National Radio. In 2007, she presented a concert as soloist with the Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ralitsa Penkova – 8th grade student in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, prize-winner of the National Competition for Young Instrumentalists and Singers „Svetoslav Obretenov“, Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters”, „Carl Filch“ International Competition – Sibiu, Romania, etc. She has completed a piano master class with Aglika Genova and Lyuben Dimitrov at the ‘Sasha Popov’ Academy in Rousse.

Elena Ganova - violinist in Alexi Draganov’s class, 6th grade pupil in „Prof. V. Stoyanov” National Arts School. She started to play the violin at the age of 6 and is a prize-winner of many school competitions. She presented concerts with the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra. The Foundation paid her attendance in the violin master class with Prof. Mincho Minchev during the March Music Days International Festival. Elena took the first prize and the title of laureate in category A at the Competition for German and Austrian Music in Bourgas and won a Prize of encouragement in category A at the ‘Dobrin Petkov’ International competition in Plovdiv.

Zlatina Udvareva – 6th grade pupil in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School in Alexi Draganov’s class. She has been playing violin since she was 6 years old. A prize-winner of school competitions, concert appearances with the Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra. Payment was made for her participation in the violin master class with Prof. Mincho Minchev at the “Sasha Popov” Academy during the March Music Days International Festival in Rousse; Prize of encouragement category A from the Competition for German and Austrian Music in Bourgas.

Andrey Kartunov – pianist, graduated the „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, a laureate of 2005 International Competition for German and Austrian Music in Bourgas, the International Festival “Hopes, talents, masters” for 2006 in Dobritch, National Orpheus Talent Competition – Sofia in 2007. He is a participant in many international and national master classes. The Foundation financed his participation in the piano master class with Prof. Tomislav Bainov at the Music Academy of Trossingen, Germany.

Denitza Dobreva – a pianist, 10th grade student in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, a prize-winner of the National Competition “Musical Hopes”,2001 in Dobritch; Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters” for 2005 and 2006 in Dobritch; “The Music and the Earth” 2003; “Carl Filch” Competition, 2003 Romania; “Franz Schubert” Piano Competition, 2003; the 4th Piano Competition “Classical and Modern Music” 2004; the 7th International Competition for German and Austrian Music” 2007. She took part in master classes with Prof. Dr. Atanas Kurtev, Prof. Tamara Podubnaya, Prof. Sally Pinkas and Prof. Evan Hirsh; Prof.Michael Keller, Prof. Maria Prinz, Aglika Genova and Lyuben Dimitrov. The Foundation supported her participation in the piano master class during the March Music Days International Festival and in the “Franz Schubert” International Competition.


Michaela Dimova – 10th grade student of the National School of Arts, classical ballet class. She won the First prize at the school competition in 2006. She has performed with the Opera Philharmonic Society in Rousse and the International Ballet Academy in Varna under the leadership of the prima ballerina Kalina Bogoeva. Her performance was incredibly successful at the concerts of the of the Music School - Stuttgart, Germany. The Foundation provided ballet accessories to Michaela for her successful preparation.

Alexandrina Tozeva - student in the „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School till 2007, Fine Arts course; she holds Laureate title and is a winner of national and international prizes in the field of fine arts, photography and design. In September 2007 she enrolled in Waltman Forest College - London, where she studies with a full scholarship.


Diyana Chokoeva - 12th grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Math- School, maintaining excellent marks during all school years. The Foundation pays for Diyana’s preparation for the university entrance exams.

Plamena Mihailova – 7th grade pupil in the European Languages School, first prizewinner in competitions and mathematical and linguistic Olympiads. Payment was made for a fee for a mathematical linguistics course.

PROGRAM “the family OF THE good people” 3 473 lv.

Purchase of textbooks, auxiliary literature and school aids for Maxim Parashkevov – a 12th grade student in the European Languages School; Hristomira Hristova – 9th grade student in the “St.St. Konstantin-Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School; Kristiyana Petrova – 6th grade pupil in the European Languages School; Polya Radoslavova - 10th grade student in “Elias Canetti” Economics and Management Vocational School; Teodora and Venelin Ivanov - 11th grade students in the „Vasil Levski” Secondary School; Rositza Petrova– 6th grade pupil in the „Vuzrajdane” Secondary School; Maria Petkova – 7th grade pupil in the „Bratia Miladinovi” Secondary School.

Payment of semester fees and university entrance fees of Nina Yordanova - a second- year student at “D.Tzenov” Business Academy– Svishtov; Georgy Ignatov – a student in the second course at the “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, specialty “Ecology and TOOS”; Zlatina and Plamen Peychev – students in the University of National and World Economy, Sofia; Asya Parashkevova – a student in 5th course, major “Medicine” in the Higher School of Medicine in Pleven; Denitza Kalendjieva – a first-year student in the Sofia University of Medicine; Aglika Skilova– a student in 1st course at the “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University; Delyan Vladimirov – student in „Prof. Veselin Stoyanov” National Arts School, Drawing class.


Project “Integrated education of children with special needs”- equipment of a workshop in the “Ivan Vazov” Primary School in Rousse. “Bistra and Galina” Foundation has won and executed 5 international and 2 national projects in the field of education, vocational education, social integration and international youth exchange till now, some of which are:

• Establishing and equiping “A kitchen for entertaining cooking therapy for children and young people with special needs”. The project was developed by the team of “Bistra and Galina” Foundation, together with the ‘Caritas’ Catholic Organization and Rotary Club in Rousse, and was approved for granting financial aid by Rotary International Foundation, Evanstan, USA on its program „Matching grant”. Entertaining therapy in cooking is provided in the equipped kitchen. The aim is to improve young people’s skills to cope with the everyday activities, to improve their physical and mental condition, to be involved in activities beneficial to them and to help them reintegrate in society.

• A specialized room for diagnostics and rehabilitation of disphagy (difficulties with swallowing, chewing and eating). As a follow-up of the project “A kitchen for entertaining therapy in cooking”, the teams of “Bistra and Galina” Foundation and the “Caritas” Catholic Organization - Rousse decided again to join their efforts in aid of the children with special needs from Rousse and the region.

• “Summer Children’s Academy 2002” – summer training for children of social disadvantaged families from Rousse and the region. The academy was organized in co-operation with the Rousse Open Society Club and with the financial support of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, USA. • Integrated education project for children with disabilities – received the highest UNESCO prize “Jan Amos Comenius” for extraordinary achievements” in the field of education and innovation. The project was fullfilled with the support of the Dutch foundation „Stichting Dialisehulp Buitenland“.

• Project “Class rooms across frontiers” - financially supported from Switzerland by the Stability Pact of the Council of Europe. Main coordinator is Mrs. Yordanka Nenova, a chairwoman of the school association for global education SAGE and member of the Foundation Board of Directors.. Young people from more than 18 countries in South-Eastern Europe have participated in International summer assemblies for the last 3 years.

Brief description of the Project This project was realized by “Bistra and Galina” Foundation with the help of the Association Amicale Femmes at the Council of Europe and the coordinator Mrs. Liubov Draganova, a member of the Foundation Board of Directors for many years.. The project’s goal is to fill in a niche in the realization of the social rehabilitation through providing an alternative to the isolation of children with special needs from 7 to 14 years of age to receive primary education. The equipped workshop will ensure suitable conditions for integrated education of disabled children in joint and separate groups.

“Ivan Vazov” Primary School in Rousse is a partner of “Bistra and Galina” Foundation and a basic unit, where the current project is being executed. The children with special needs in the mainstream class are chosen after individual exams and consultation by a psycho-therapeutist, a kinesy-therapeutist and a logopaedist. Resource teacher assists the school in providing support for the children with special needs.

The preliminary research showed that the education of children with locomotory problems in a mainstream school is more effective for the process of gaining knowledge, on one hand, and it contributes to their social integration and adequate participation in the society, on the other. Providing adequate conditions with regards to the physical status of the children and their individual needs is an integral part of the individual and group programs for social rehabilitation. For the equipment of a classroom and rest and rehabilitation areas, the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation team developed the project “Integrated education of children with special needs” and won a grant from Association Amicale Femmes at the Council of Europe. The financing amounts to 3770 Euro, with which the classroom is furnished - tables, desks, cabinets, teacher’s desk, computer configuration with printer, upholstered furniture. A veloergometer and auxiliary materials for the afternoon education of the children with special needs are now available in the room of the resource teacher. We express gratitude to the Headmaster of “Ivan Vazov” Primary School– Mrs. Pencheva for the classroom renovation. PROJECT “European Safe School Partnerships” SAGE is a partner of the Foundation in the 3-year initiative (2007 – 2009) with Mrs. Yordanka Nenova as a chief coordinator.

Project description: The basic aim of the project is to develop good practice models - activities, methods and tools necessary to apply the Charter of Safety School Environment. The activity aspects can be classified, as follows: providing education for the development of the secondary vocational schools; local, regional and national co-operation between the departments and the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police and NGO; effective structures for communication – web sites, discussion forums, seminars; effective project management and leadership; establishing active partnerships between educational institutions, police, courts, local and national authorities; effective planning and co-ordination of the jointed projects Comenius 1 & 1 and Daphne. Target groups: Schools, children, school teachers and parents; Teacher Qualification Centres and university structures; non-governmental organization (NGO) on the rights, social cares, Education of Democratic Citizenship and young people education; departments of local, regional and central authorities and agencies of social services, public safety, reduction of criminality, education.

Expected effect: Improved participation and understanding of the Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC); better school environment and making the project results public; avoiding and reducing violence and anti-social conduct; improvement of the educative work; stable partnership between the supporting organizations; closer relationship between children, school staff, parents and society; contribution to social intimacy, cultural tolerance and understanding. From 1st to 6th of December 2007, an International Conference and Seminar in connection with the project was held in Rousse. Forty national coordinators, representatives of universities, schools and non-governmental or ganizers from 11 countries in Europe have participated. Mr. Colin Moorhouse as international coordinator of the project was a guest of the SAGE– national coordinator of the project for Bulgaria and took part in the conference preparation. The “Bistra and Galina” Hotel-Foundation hosted these events.

OPEN PROGRAM 2 090 lv..

Dance theatrical formation ‘Character” at the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. The dance group was formed in 2005. The formation won 2 first prizes for performance and choreography in the 8th National Competition for Classical and Character Dances, 2006 in Bourgas. Mrs. Antonia Kiranova, a teacher in Bulgarian language and literature at the school, is instructor and choreographer of the group. The dancers of “Character” are students from the Math-School aged 15-19. The young dance formation has already a rich artistic biography and achieved success at national competitions. During the last two years the girls and boys of the “Character” have received five golden awards at national dance competitions in Sofia and Bourgas for dancing performance and another five “golden” awards for choreography.

The formation style is ingenious, distinctive, curious. The synthesis of music, idea, movement and artistic performance makes the dance message rich and emotional. The dance connoisseurs determine often the “Character” formation performance as dance miniatures, because the whole concept of dance subject-matter and choreography reaches such a completeness, that impression of a narrated and experienced story at the same time arises. Mrs. Kiranova shared, that she was happy with the large creative team of the “Character” formation. Her devotion to the general idea can be also seen on the stage, where are dancing not only dance performers, but children – creators, making us feel united with their art in an incredible way.

The “Character” formation repertoire is incredibly rich: “Eternity” on Queen’s music, “The White-legged Girl” and “Irrepressibility” on music by Georgi Andreev, “Live Coals” on music by Yulangelo and a whole play “Love is needed for every step”, dedicated to two teachers from the school. Mrs. Antonia Kiranova herself is associated with the “Character” formation since 1998, when the group was established in the town of Razgrad, where she was a school teacher. The group’s national and international success from that time up fill now is a proof of the sought-after and achieved beauty of the dance, a strong character built through the years with hard work, love and dedication.

The Foundation sponsored the participation of the “Character” formation in the 8th National Competition for Classical and Character Dances in May, 2007 in Bourgas, where the talented dancers won again the First prize. Vocal group “Children’s World” at the European Languages School, formed in 1999 with children in 1st through 5th grade. They won First prize at the Children’s Arts Festival, 2002 in Rousse and Second prize in the 1st National Children’s Competition “Sea Stars”, 2006 in Varna. The group was financed by the Foundation to attend the National Children’s Song Competition, 20th - 22nd April 2007 in Bourgas. The Foundation sponsored the students from major “Interior Design” in “Penio Penev” Secondary Vocational School for Construction and Architecture to organize “Plein-air painting”, to demonstrate their abilities and popularize the subject “Interior Design” popular as it was a new school major. The “Plein-air painting” was held in „Lipnik“ Park, and the students will remember the days of outdoor painting and amusement for a long time.

As a tradition, the Foundation provided the award funding of the “Prof. V. Stoyanov” National School of Arts for the 6th “Franz Schubert” National Piano Competition with international participants, held from 17th till 22nd November 2007. The Foundation granted First prize in category A (pianists), second group from 14 to 19 age, that was received by Victoria Vasilenko from “P.Pipkov” National School of Music - Sofia with the teacher S.Dimitrova-Maistorova.
Payment of annual fees for participation of two children in the Informatics School at the Centre of Children’s Technical and Scientific Creativity with supervisors Katalina Grigorova and Plamenka Angelova was also proveded. These children achieved best results in the “Summer Children’s Academy”.
“Bistra and Galina” Summer Children’s Academy, held from July 9th till July 20th, has become a trade mark of the activity of the Foundation within the course of the time. The interest shown in the 7th edition was great – 160 children applied for participation. Almost all of the applicants were excellent students at school. Therefore the selection of the candidates was extremaly difficult, and the event itself became a real Academy of talents. Taking into consideration the two basic criteria so to say excellent school results and performances in certain spheres, the Foundation team approved the participation of 92 children with excellent school results from all schools on the territory of Ruse aged between 10 and 17.
The purpose of the project is to discover talented students through giving the opportunities for interesting and original extra curriculum activities. This year the initiative performed education in “eight classrooms”. In each workshop very well known artists and specialists in the concrete spheres worked with the children.
The staff of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel–Foundation is very grateful to all, who gave their support for the successful realization of the project. Special thanks to: “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, “Ivan Vazov” Primary School, Psychological consultancy room of Mrs Magdalena Dakova, which open their halls for the Academy for free, Culture and Art Municipality Children’s Centre, the managerial staff of Rousse Municipality. We give our thanks to all the teachers and volunteers who took part in the preparation and realization of the Academy, as well. In 2007 the project was sponsored totally by the Foundation, the money was accumulated by the Christmas charity activity for selling greeting cards “Let another child smile shines brightly”. On July 9th, Diana Antonova, the Executive director, formally opened the first “school” day of the academy in the summer garden of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel. This summer in the academy the following courses were presented: 1. “Basic Computer programming” Classroom for children at the age of 10 – 13. Supervisors– Ass. Prof. Dr. Katalina Grigorova and Senior Assistant Plamenka Hristova, lecturers at Rousse University. 2. “Advertising Design” Classroom for children at the age of 10 – 13 years – Supervisor – Ass. Prof. Diana Antonova. 3. “Icon - painting” Classroom for children at the age of 11 - 15 – Supervisor – Desislav Gechev. 4. “Radio journalism” Classroom for children at the age of 12 – 15 – Supervisor – Gergana Ilieva, Editor in Chief of “Darik” Radio, and the actress Lyudmila Petrova. 5. “Diverting Psychology” Classroom for children at the age of 11 – 14 – Supervisor– Magdalena Dakova. 6. “Colagge” Classroom for children at the age of 12 – 15 – Supervisor - Architect Penka Papova. 7. “U-shu and pantomime - Chinese martial arts” Classroom for children at the age of 10 - 13 – Teacher Maria Nedelcheva. 8. “Folk dances” Classroom for children at the age of 11 – 14 – Supervisor Yavor Pirgozliev from “Zornitza” Children’s teenagers’ Folklore Group. The classroom activities were held 4 hours daily with lunch break paid by the Foundation. All materials and devices were given by the Foundation too. On July 10th a trip to Varna and Balchik was organized and the participants created their works in the open air. The teachers, who were supervisors of the different classroom activities, worked gratuitously.

The children in “Basic Computer programming” classroom should comprehend basic computer programming skills which was not very easy for them. After a week theoretical preparation, homeworks and problem solving they started creating their small programmes, that each of the four teams should make. With shared efforts and very precise work they managed to present to the audience how their programs worked. “Advertising design” was a brand new classroom for 2007 Academy. The young designers worked in three groups with a specific defined goal. The first team worked out on three projects for Christmas cards. During Santa’s workshop topics such as unconditional friendship, Christmas traditions and Christmas wonders were discussed. The first greeting card represents the friendship between the Bulgarian and European Snowman, the second one embodies the idea that there should be no one lonely on Christmas. The Christmas mood blasts from the third project, in which the goodhearted old man and Rudolph the deer make the dreams come true. Under the professional supervision of eng. Ivaylo Kraychev and the designer Deyan Dimov, specialists from “Primax” agency, the children from the advertising design astonished their classmates and the audience when they presented two original products at the end. They created advertising catalogue with a map, in which they showed the town from the children’s point of view. Their third masterpiece was a poster of the summer Academy; all the different classrooms were drawn with the symbol of the Academy – the Sun in various modifications. At the final the young designers gave the guests symbolic souvenir handmade by themselves.

The young artists from “Icon – painting” classroom, drew 27 orthodox icons which had been created within the two weeks of activities under the supervising of Mr Desislav Gechev. All the materials, paintings, and gold-foil were supplied by “Griffon” Art Gallery. After the closing of the Academy, the artists arranged their paintings in the halls of “Griffon” Gallery, where their creation works could be seen and sold till the end of August. After the sale of 22 icons 291 BGN went as an income for the Foundation. The money will be used for subsidizing the most talented children and their artistic education. The Foundation team is very grateful to “Griffon” Gallery support. The Foundation and the gallery teams have been collaborating very successfully for couple of years. During the first week the young journalists were taught the particulars for making reports, taking interviews, and making surveys. With their own materials the children created their scenario for the closing gala concert, which was held at Rousse Municipality Assembly Hall. The children were announcers with the help of the actress Lyudmila Petrova.

Children from “Diverting Psychology” classroom were taught the methods of auto-psycho-training and self–exploration, self-control, and self-improvement. They obtained self-exploring and analyzing skills, how to create constructive questions, how to make interviews and to summarize them, to stimulate their inner intellectual abilities and creation sources, to communicate effectively. The children demonstrated their skills when they held specific psycho surveys and composed profiles of the participants in the other “classrooms” and after that they did some comments before all the others at the gala concert. Together with the icon painters and the “Colagge” classroom in the lobby of the Assembly hall, they arranged canvases of flowers and houses worked with clippers and pins. The other new classroom was “Colagge” classroom with the supervisor Architect Penka Papova, who presented to the young architects and construction engineers the interesting theory of the civil atmosphere. With the approaches of games and practical training the children learned very easily the aesthetics of the exterior, the architectural styles. The academic students showed their creative skills through arranging an exhibition of collages with seashells, dragonflies, dried leaves and bottle stoppers. The compositions of paper, cartoon cuttings and other “construction materials” were entitled “The Captain of the seven seas”. Among them, images of the main characters of the blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” could be seen as well as fragments of the ocean bottom.

The children from “U-shu and pantomime” devoted to the basic style in U-shu – Chan Chuan basic exercises for the body, flexibility and coordination. The children trained basic techniques – positions and movements of arms, legs, body and combining elements in forms. The participants experienced the ideas of the “U-shu” masters, some terminology in Chinese language; were also introduced some rules of behavior– discipline, ethics, and relationship. By the means of the pantomime they made sketches of real life situations and the children performed them at the gala concert.

Folk dances were part of the education as a free choice training. More enthusiastic about it were the girls and that was the reason the dances performed were “female”. Under the very patient supervision of Yavor Pirgozliev the dancers diligently repeated the steps of the traditional Bulgarian “Pravo Horo”, “Rachenica” and “Kopanica” dances. Four hour dancing dasses daily seemed not to be enough for the folk dancing admirers. They went on dancing more hours. Stimulated by the promise that at their final dance at the concert they would wear authentic Bulgarian folklore costumes from Dobrudga region. The costumes were provided by “Zornitza” State Folklore Group - Rousse. The performance of the dance with live music with pipe and drum was also a present by the classroom supervisor. We are grateful to “Zornitza” Group for the costumes and the hall. Parts of the classes were held at “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University halls and “Bistra and Galina” Foundation is thankful to Mr. Ass. Prof. Marko Todorov - Rector and his team.

On July 10th, the children from “Summer Children’s Academy” attended their traditional and beloved “green” activities in the open air in Varna. During the excursion the children visited the dolphins’ aquarium and the House of space and planets. The show of the dolphins was later than the usual time, because a baby dolphin was given a birth but despite this, the children were impressed by the tricks played by the mammals. After a sightseeing tour in Varna the children had lunch in Balchik intending to see the Botanic garden and the Palace, but the heavy rain spoiled the plans but not the good temper. The programme was switched to Astronomy and the two buses went back to Varna. The children spent several hours in the House of space and planets and demonstrated their knowledge on the sky and planets.

On July 16th Ass. Prof. Sonya Aleksieva Public relation expert in tourism at New Bulgarian University, was the young talents’ guest. In one of the Rousse University halls she gave a lecture on interesting historical places, treasures and national traditions from different regions of our country. The lecture was presented by multimedia presentation and many practical examples. An educational game was played about the history and culture of Rousse with awards for the winners.

“Summer Children’s Academy 2007” finished with official closing up – gala concert, held on the stage of Assembly hall. All the participants of all the classrooms took part in it, as well as parents, friends, charity persons, journalists. The academic students presented all they have learned, they prepared presentations and games with the audience. There were sketches, folk dances and demonstrations of martial arts. The final part was awarding with participation certificates all the children and thankful certificates to all the teachers. The most eagerly waited for was the big cake, which was tasted by all the guests and participants. The emblem of the foundation was figured on the cake– the two wreathed hearts. The cake was cut by the youngest participants – Hristian Hristov and Ivelin Rachev. Accompanied by the sounds of the hymn of the Academy “My childhood”, the children took the flag of the summer school, carried by the best participants – Vasil, Aneliya, Yoana and Ani. Two participants from each classroom were chosen by their supervisors to receive annual scholarships in the field they participated in.