The traditional Christmas Campaign of “Bistra and Galina” Foundation has been carried out under the slogan “Let another child smile shines brightly”. Christmas and New Year postcards were distributed for charity purposes. Two of the postcards designs represent pictures of the Rousse painters Violeta Radkova and Slaveyko Petrov, the rest have been designed by an art team following the ideas of the “Design” classroom at “Summer Children’s Academy 2007”. “The Blue Christmas” by the young designers is the absolute sales winner. The total amount collected from this year’s initiative is 5600 BGN. The resources gathered, will be distributed along two main Foundation programmes- “The Talented Children of Rousse” and “The Family of the Good People”, particularly into executing the “Summer Children’s Academy 2008 ”.

The name of the company which has sent the largest amount of postcards is “Auto Star” EOOD, regional representative of “Sofia France Auto”, official importer of „Peugeot” for Bulgaria and a daughter company of “Star CO Holding” – Rousse. The Golden prize “Donor of the Year” was awarded to the company regional commercial director Mr. Ruslan Ivanov. Congratulations! The Foundation team THANKS TO all the companies and organizations, who purchased postcards and gave substantial support to the charity activity as well as the overall activity of our organization!