Total donated sum - 20 420 lv.



Sirma Velichkova – Ó pianist in 10th form of “Prof. V. Stoyanov” National Arts School, a winner of many prizes, Vesselinka Ivanova’s student, having independent concerts in Switzerland after a won competition, master’s classes of professor Tamara Poddubnaya, Angela Tosheva, professor Pancho Vladigerov. She plays in the piano trio of 6 hands. The foundation finances her participation in the 5th international competition for piano ensembles of 6 and 8 hands in Marktoberdorf, Germany where she won prizes in the categories C and F.

Nevena Nikolaeva Todorova – a pianist in 8th form of “Prof. V. Stoyanov” National Arts School in Vesselinka Ivanova’s class. She is a winner of the 3rd prize in category A at the international competition for playing German and Austrian music and at Franz Schubert competition in 2005. She participated in the masters’ classes of Professor Tamara Poddubnaya and Professor Pancho Vladigerov. She was supported to participate in 5th International competition for piano ensembles of 6 and 8 hands in Marktoberdorf, Germany where she won prizes in categories C and F.

Martin Vladimirov Ivanov – a student in 9th form – piano of “Prof. V. Stoyanov” National Arts School. He has participated in many international and national competitions where he has won 12 first places, 10 second places, 7 third places and other prizes. He attended the master’s classes of Professor Sally Pinkas and Professor Evan Hirsch. He has made records in Bulgarian National TV and Bulgarian National Broadcasting. The Foundation paid the taxes for participation in MMF “Hopes, talents, masters” - Dobrich in the categories of piano and composition. ╠aster’s classes of piano during the March Music Days and at Maria Yudina international competition in Sankt-Peterburg. He is a laureate of the competition, winner of the first place and a special prize.

Vassil Vladimirov Ivanov – a student in 5th form – piano of “Prof. V. Stoyanov” National Arts School. He has participated in many international and national competitions where he has won 13 prizes among which: 1 prize at “Schumann – Brahms” competition in Plovdiv, 3rd prize at the competition “Hopes, talents, masters” in Dobrich, 2nd prize at Franz Schubert competition in Rousse. He attended the master’s classes of Professor Tamara Poddubnaya and Professor Atanas Kurtev. He was supported in his participation in MMF “Hopes, talents, masters” - Dobrich, piano category; in the II International piano competition for Russian and Bulgarian music in Varna and the master’s classes of piano during the March Music Days Festival of in Rousse.


Michaela Dimova – a student in 9th form of the National School of Arts, classical ballet class. She has won the first prize at the school competition in 2006. She has participated in performances of the Opera in Rousse, in the International ballet academy in Varna under the leadership of the prima ballerina Kalina Bogoeva. She has presented herself exclusively successfully at the concerts of the school of music in Stuttgart, Germany. The Foundation ensures the purchase of ballet equipments for the successful preparation of Michaela.

Maria Kirilova Mincheva – a student in 1st form of “Hristo Botev” Secondary School. She is concerned with music in Children vocal group “Sun” under the leadership of Natalia Konstantinova. She has won the special prize for debut in the competition “River notes” in Tutrakan and she has received an invitation for participation in the International competition for children works in Alma Ata, Kazahstan. The Foundation finances the creation of two songs and the stage clothing for participation in the competition.


Dobrotzveta Dobreva – a student in 10th form of the European Languages School, a winner of prizes in competitions in computer linguistics - 1st place at the national competition in mathematics and computer linguistics in Varna 2004, category 8-10 class; 3rd place in a team participation at the national competition in mathematics and computer linguistics in Varna 2004, 4th place in the national round of the Olympiad in mathematics and computer linguistics in Veliko Turnovo, 2005. The Foundation paid her taxes for the schools of mathematical linguistics .

Plamena Mihailova – a student in 7th form of the European Languages School, a winner of many prizes in competitions and in Olympiads in mathematics and linguistics: 2nd place at the national Olympiad in mathematical linguistics; 3rd place at the Christmas competition in maths; 3rd place at Olympiad in maths; 4th place at Paisiy Hilendarsky competition in maths ; 6th place in the mathematical competition “European kangaroo”. The Foundation has paid the annual taxes for the schools in mathematical linguistics.

Svetla Milkova – a student in 12th form of “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. She receives a scholarship from Bistra and Galina Foundation for many years. She is already a student in computer sciences in “St. Kliment Ohridski” University in Sofia. She is a winner of prizes in national and international competitions in mathematics.

PROGRAM “the family OF THE good people” - 1 470 lv.

Purchasing of textbooks, auxiliary literature and school aids for Kamelia Georgieva – a student in 12th form of Secondary school of European Languages; Dimitar Russev – a student in 6th form of Olimpy Panov Primary School; Stefan Vlaev -a st udent in 7th form of “Friedrich Schiller” Secondary School in German Language; Maxim Parashkevov – a student in 12th form of Secondary School in European Languages; Hristomira Hristova – a student in 9th form of “St.St. Konstantin-Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School; Denislav and Stanislav Penevs – students in 4th form of “Hristo Botev” Secondary School; Kristiana Petrova – a student in 6th form of the European Languages School; Polia Radoslavova – a student in 10th form of “Elias Canetti” Economics and Management Vocational School; Venelin Angelov - a student in 11th form of “Penyo Penev” Architekture and Geodesy Vocational School.

Payment of semester taxes and taxes for sitting candidate-students exams of Velina Kutincheva - a student in “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, specialty “International economic relations”- 1st course, Nina Yordanova- a student in “D.Tzenov” Business Academy - Svishtov, 1st course, Georgy Ignatov – a student in “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, specialty “Ecology and TOOS” - 1st course, Desislava Petkova – a student in 3rd course in “Dr Ivan Pavlov” College of Medicine - Rousse, Nikolai Borissov – a student in 3rd course in Rousse University, specialty “Electronics and Automatics”, Asya Parashkevova – a student in 5th course, specialty “Medicine” in the Higher School of Medicine in Pleven.


Following the tradition in 2006 “Best Western Bistra and Galina” hotel complex again supported with 3960 BGN the March Music Days International Festival, being a host to some of the most remarkable guests of the festival – soloists and leaders of master’s classes of the Academy “Sasha Popov”.

Purchasing of materials for painting during carrying out the National plein-air painting “The town and the river” during the celebration of the 25th anniversar y of “Vazrajdane” Secondary School . Painters from the whole country painted the sights of the town of Rousse in the categories of painting and black and white drawing. The team of “Vazrajdane” Secondary School under the leadership of Daniel Kunchev and Hrisand Hrisandov won first places in both categories, correspondingly for painting – Pavlina Bojidarova and for black and white drawing – Petar Petrov. The plein-air painting finished with an exhibition of the participants in the plenary hall of Municipality of Rousse.

OPEN PROGRAM 12 910 lv.

Puppet Theatre – Rousse is one of the partners of Bistra and Galina Foundation. The Foundation gave its contribution for the realization of the perfor­mance of one of the favourite children stories “The little Muk”. Means for the manufacturing of the costumes were ensured by the Foundation.

With the third place for Nikolai Nikolov from the Mathematics School in the individual competition and with the fourth place of the team of Rousse mathematicians came back from the international competition in mathematics in Hong-Kong, China. Nikolai Nikolov, Stefany Ognianova, Velina Vulova and Miroslav Manolov are graduates of the Centre for students technical and scientific work under the leadership of their teacher Nedka Stoyanova. Together with her and her colleague from the Mathematics School - Miroslava Kostadinova the young talents participated in the 10th competition of “Po Leung Kuk” Foundation with three other teams from Bulgaria – two from Sofia and one from Varna. The traveling of the team became possible thanks to the financial support of Bistra and Galina Foundation.

Pristis Club – Rousse – purchase of medals, cups and diplomas for the national tournament of checkmate for teenagers, the cup “Pristis 2006”. The tournament is a part of the chain of tournaments “A Bulgarian cup for children” and contestants from all the clubs in the country will participate.

Payment of the annual taxes for the schools in Mathematical linguistics under the leadership of Iliana Raeva for the two children who have shown the highest results during the Summer children academy 2006: Hristo Mirchev - 7th form of “St. St. Konstantin Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School and Dimitar Mihailov - 7th form of “Vazrajdane” Secondary School.

Payment of the annual taxes for the schools in informatics to Centre for Students Creative and research Studies – Rousse under the leadership of Katalina Grigorova and Plamenka Angelova for the two of the children participating in the “Summer children academy 2006” who have shown the highest results – Kristian Atanasov - 2nd form of “St. St. Konstantin Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School and Ivelin Rachev - 5th from the Mathematics School.

“The summer children academy “Bistra and Galina” conducted from 3rd till 14th July became emblematic for the activity of the Foundation during the years. The interest toward its sixth edition was much higher – more than 145 children applied documents for participation. Almost all the candidates were with excellent results at school. This made the selection especially difficult and the event – one real Academy of talents. Taking in mind the two main criteria, namely the excellent school results and the manifestations in the corresponding field the team of the Foundation approved for participation 83 children from all the schools in Rousse at the age from 11 till 16 years. The goal of the project is finding talents by giving possibilities for interesting and unconventional extracurricular occupations. This year the initiative included education in seven “classrooms” and in each of them distinguished workers and specialists in a corresponding field worked with the children. The team of Bistra and Galina Hotel Foundation expresses its gratitude to all who supported the project and helped for its successful realization, namely: “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, “Ivan Vazov” Primary School, Consulting office in psychology of Mrs. Magdalena Dakova, who ňvery year give their halls for use free of charge. The foundation thanks also to all teachers and volunteers who participate in the preparation and realization of the Academy without compensation. In 2006 the project was realized completely by means of the Foundation which were collected during the charitable Christmas action for selling of congratulation cards “For the shining of one more child’s smile”.

On 3rd July the executive director Diana Antonova officially opened the first “school” day of the Academy in the summer garden of Bistra and Galina hotel. The following directions were presented in the Academy this year: 1. Classroom “Initial progra­mming” with the team of doctor Katalina Grogorova and the chief assistant Plamenka Hristova, teachers in “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University . ╩Ólina Kandilarova who is a scholarship student of the Foundation also was included in the teachers team as an assistant. She is a winner of prizes from many national and international competitions in mathematics. 2. Classroom “Mathematical linguistics” under the leadership of the Chief assistant Iliana Raeva, a teacher in Rousse University and assistant – teachers Dobrotzveta Dobreva and Deyan Mihailov – winners of medals from Olympiads in Linguistics and participants in previous editions of “Summer children academy”. 3. Classroom “Radio-journalist” – the classes were led by Gergana Ilieva – editor in chief of Darik radio in Rousse. 4. Classroom “Entertaining psychology” under the leadership of the psychologist Magdalena Dakova. 5. Classroom “Icon-painting” – realized with the help of the owners of Griffon gallery, Daniela and Plamen Minchevs and under the leadership of the young iconographer Mira Koleva. 6. Classroom “Communications and conversation”- it was developed for the first time by the teacher in New Bulgarian University, an associate professor doctor Sonya Aleksieva who is the head of Public relations of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. 7. Classroom “Falk dances” with trainers Dimitar Donev and Iva Krusteva. The classes were held totally 10 days in 4 hours daily. The Foundation ensured for the participants lunch and all the necessary materials, auxiliary means and literature which they needed during their education. The classes of the specialists in the corresponding field were held free of charge. During the first week the young journalists were trained in the subtleties of making reports, taking interviews and making investigations. With the materials which the children prepared themselves they made their own radiobroadcast which was emitted as on the regional so on the national emissions of DARIK Radio. The informaticians were engaged with not easy task to acquire initial knowledge in the field of programming . After one week theoretical preparation, home works and solving problems they started to create their own little programs which each of the formed 4 teams had to make. With mutual efforts and really deep work they succeeded to demonstrate in front of audience how their programs work. The youngest participant in the group – 6 years old Kristian demonstrated with pride his program for calculation of the square surface of a basin , made with the assistance of the elder 10-12 years old programmers , participants in the “class room”. The participants in the course “Mathematical linguistics” learned and solved linguistic tasks – translation of words, names of numbers, coding , making of cards, translation of sentences, making up their own tasks. They worked with Word 97, Power Point, Internet. For demonstration of the learned things they made their effective ýulti-median presentation during which they looked for connection of Bulgarian, Suahily and Japanese . The children from classroom “Entertaining psychology” were trained in the methods of auto psycho-training – self-study, self-control, self-improvement. They acquired skills for self-study and self-analysis, to ask constructive questions, to make interviews and to summarize them, to stimulate their internal intellectual and creative resources, to communicate effectively. They demonstrated their skills by conducting specific psycho-inquires and making profiles of the participants in the other classrooms and after that they made their comments in front of all. The presentation at thň gala concert of the young psychologists included an explanation whom you should save first during a shipwreck. Together with the iconographers they arranged in the lobby of Rousse Opera Theatre a panneau with images of houses and flowers made with the help of paper clamps and drawing pins.

The young painters from classroom “Icon-painting” painted 25 Orthodox icons which were made in the course of 2 weeks active classes with the specialists from Griffon gallery. The Gallery provided for them materials, paints and golden foil for the creative manifestation of the iconographers’ inspiration. At the closing gala performance the painters made improvised exhibition and invited the guests to come to the opening of their independent exhibition in the halls of Griffon gallery where they could have a look at their works and buy some until 21 August. Later 154 BGN entered into the account of the Foundation from the selling of 22 icons. The works were included in a charitable exhibition for support of young talents in the sphere of painting. The team of the Foundation expresses its gratitude to the Gallery for their support. The two institutions work together successfully since several years already. Classroom “Communications and conversations”, conducted its seminars in the conference hall of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel. There all the technical and organizational conditions were provided for the performing of the training through techniques of communication and exercises of conversation. The associate professor Alexieva or as the children cold her “our Sonya” in a very amusing and attractive way presented the complicated human relations and the right way of reaction in different life situation. The participants worked out illustrative sketches for the right and wrong way of reaction at registering in a hotel, when introducing or serving in a restaurant or at unpleasant incidents in the street. Facial expressions, gestures, ways of handshaking and greetings in different countries and regions on the world were scrutinized. The dramatizations were accepted with interest and a storm of applauses from the guests at the closing gala concert. A new classroom for this year edition of the academy were the folk dances included as a form of training by will of the children themselves. The enthusiasts were mainly girls and that’s why the dances were feminine. Under the patient supervision of Mitko and Iva the dancers repeated eagerly many times the steps of the straight horo, ruchenitza and kopanitza. The official four hours daily trainings turned out to be very short for the fans of the Bulgarian folk dances and they eagerly continued to train additional hours stimulated by the prize that their final dance at the closing concert will be with authentic costumes from the region of Dobrudza, provided by the Centre for work with children to the Municipal youth centre. The staging of the dance was also a present from the trainers Dimitar Donev and Iva Krasteva, specially developed for the “academicians”. We express our gratitude to the team of the Centre for the provided dancing hall and costumes. Part of the classes were conducted in computer halls of “Angel Kanchev” Rousse University, for which Bistra and Galina Foundation appreciates the assistance of the rector, the associate professor Marko Todorov and his team.

On 6th July the children from classroom “Summer Children Academy” performed the traditional and already waited with great interest “green” classes in the open in Varna. During the excursion there they visited the regional historic museum and “Golden Thracian treasures of Bulgaria” exposition. The children were acquainted with the history of the treasures from Borovo, Panagurishte, Vulchy Trun and Rogozen and enjoyed the mastership of our ancient ancestors. After the delicious lunch in “Dimyat” restaurant organized with the assistance of its owners, the “academicians” from Rousse left for the archaeological museum in Razgrad where they completed their knowledge about the Thracian period of the Bulgarian history. “Summer Children Academy 2006” of Bistra and Galina Foundation finished with an official closing – gala-concert, conducted on the stage of Rousse Opera Theatre at which the participants from all the classrooms, their parents, friends, grantors and journalists were present. The academicians from all “classrooms” presented what they had learnt and demonstrated the achieved results by making preliminarily prepared presentations and games with the audience. There were sketches, folk dances and demonstrations of fighting skills. Two clubs of Aikido and U-Shu were special guests to the celebration and they also presented themselves at the stage. The bestowal of special certificates for participation to all the children and diplomas of gratitude to the teachers was the final part of the celebration. The biggest surprise undoubtedly was the huge cake of which together guests and hosts were delighted. On it the symbol of the Academy – smiling sun with an academic hat and a diploma in the hand was. It was cut, as it was usually, by the youngest teacher in the academy Dobrotzveta.

At the end of the last academic day the youngest participant from classroom “Communications and conversations”, Sashko Gradinarov appeared on the stage with a bunch of colored balloons . He read the message which all the participants dedicated to the Academy. The appeal was accepted with applauses by all who were present and was let out in the air after finishing the gala concert. “We send these balloons into the sky because there is nothing more important than children’s fantasy! It is the heavenly nook in each one of us. It is the driving force of progress. It makes the flower of creation bloom. We learned all that in the Summer Academy of Bistra and Galina” during the two weeks, which passed as a fleeting moment. Thank you for this most important lesson in our lives! Till we meet again! Till new flights, friends!

The participants accompanied under the sounds of the hymn of the Academy, the song “My childhood”, the flag of the summer school which was taken out of the hall by the representatives who have the best results at the classes – Plamena, Nikolay, Slavena and Mitko. Of each classroom two scholarship students were chosen by their teachers and they will receive scholarship during the whole year in the sphere of their manifestation.

As a natural continuation and a response to the Academy a charitable exhibition of 25 icons made by the children from the classroom “Icon-painting” was arranged in Griffon Gallery at Assen Zlatarov Street. The exposition with the works of the young talents was shown in the course of one month with the ability to be bought. The prices of the children’s works were between 5-12 BGN and already in the first week 22 of them were sold. The collected money are designed for purchasing of materials for the work of the young painters in one-year course of painting which after an idea of the Foundation is held in Griffon Gallery. Totally 10 girls and boys of an age between 7 and 14 years took part in the creation of the exponents for the exhibition. They worked under the leadership of Ms Mira Koleva a specialist in the gallery.

In the middle of November Bistra and Galina Foundation started its traditional Rousse Christmas charitable campaign.The action was executed under the motto “ For the shining of one more child’s smile in 2007” and it included the selling of Christmas and New year congratulation cards with a charitable purpose. The total sum which was collected from this year initiative is up to 4350 BGN. The collected means will be distributed for the realization of the project “Summer Children Academy 2007” The idea is to create new classrooms for young talents. Through the cards the children smiles have reached above 5000 offices, homes and institutions. The work of the scenic designer Violeta Radkova “Rousse, 5 to 12 o’clock” which was written specially for the campaign enjoys the greatest success. Because of the big interest to this card it is necessary to print additional pieces. After it the card “The blue Christmas” of the student in engineering design Deyan Dimov stands. Thanks to the creators “the smiling message” of the Foundation went behind the boundaries of Bulgaria.

Traditionally the team of the organization reported the results from the initiative at a press conference which took place in “Best Western Bistra and Galina” hotel. There the name of the company which had bought the biggest number of cards was announced. Our team expresses gratitude to all the companies, organizations and volunteers who have bought “smiles” and in this way they have supported the whole activity of the Foundation.

A grant for the project “Integrated education of children with special needs”- equipment of a study. The sum of 7359 BGN is provided by the diplomatic missions of the countries from the European Union in Strasbourg, France for realization in 2007. The project’s goal is to fill in a niche in the realization of the social rehabilitation through providing an alternative to the isolation of children of 7 to 14 years age, having a special need, to receive primary education. It is intended to equip a study for the education of children with special educational needs in “Ivan Vazov” Primary school, Rousse with the purpose of ensuring conditions for integrated education of disabled children in joint and separate groups through purposeful education of children from the joint classes and the children with special needs for joined life and education. A partner of Bistra and Galina Foundation is “Ivan Vazov” Primary School in Rousse which is a basic unit where the present project will be realized. The children with special needs who will participate in this project are chosen after conducting an inquiry with them and their families as well as after individual exams and consultation by psycho-therapeutist, kinesy-therapeutist, logopaedist.