Svetla Milkova is a student in 12th form of “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. She is a winner of many prizes from competitions in mathematics, informatics and mathematical linguistics in the country and abroad: Chernorizetz Hrabar 14th mathematical tournament – 01.11.2005 - 2nd place; Christmas competition in mathematics, performed on 10.12.2005 in Rousse – 1st place; International competition “European kangaroo”, carried out on 18.03.2006 in Rousse – 2nd place; Regional round of the Olympiad in mathematics 15-16.04.2006 - 1st place; One of her latest achievements is 2nd place at 37th Austrian mathematical Olympiad in Graz. The Foundation supports Svetla in her preparation and sitting for candidate-students examinations in “St. Kliment Ohridski” Sofia University, where she presented herself brilliantly. After her acceptance in Sofia University, specialty “Computer sciences”, the Foundation granted her an annual scholarship and paid the charges for her first semester.

The team of “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School participating in the International Olympiad for students up to 14 years old, taking place in Hong Kong China – Velina Vulova, Stefany Sherbanova, Nikolai Nikolov and Miroslav Manolov are students who showed the best results for this age on a national level and they were chosen to present Bulgaria and the town of Rousse at the Olympiad. In 2006 the 10th edition of the Olympiad took place organized under the aegis of “Po Leung Kuk” Foundation and it is the only international mathematic competition for children of this age. The team was led by Nedka Stoyanova – a teacher in the Centre for Students Creative and Research Studies and Miroslava Kostadinova – a teacher in the Mathematics School. According to the regulation maximum 4 teams from one country have the right to participate. During that year more than 15 countries and teams from all over the world participated. Again brilliant presentation this time on an international level. ”On 15th July we started with a bus from Rousse to Sofia” the participants remember. “From there we continued with a plane to Istanbul, then we travelled 10 hours to Hong Kong. We arrived very tired and we felt immediately the sharp change of the climate.” During the day of the competition 48 teams from 17 countries participated. Our representatives participated in the individual and in the team competition. At the individual competition they took one 3rd place and two 4th places. At the team competition Bulgaria is classed fourth. We wish success at the next compe­titions! During all the four days of the Olympiad the contestants were dressed in advertising T-shirts and hats, bought by Bistra and Galina Foundation and its sign was shining on them.