Total donated sum - 19 556 lv.



Financing the participation of Zhivko Georgiev – 9th grade violinist in “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts in the master class of Prof. Mincho Minchev within the framework of the International Music Festival “Varna Summer”. Achievements: master classes with Prof Vania Milanova, Yurij Zhislin, Oleg Krisa; first prizes at the all-school competition of “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts for the years 2004 and 2005, third prize and title of laureate at the “Pancho Vladigerov” National Competition, 2004, third prize in the First International Competition “Young Virtuosos”, 2004, third prize at the Sixth International Competition for the performance of German and Austrian Music, Burgas, 2005;

Sirma Velichkova – 9th grade pianist in the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts. Achievements for 2005 – master class with Angela Tosheva, Tamara Podubnaya and Prof. Pancho Vladigerov, recitals in Switzerland, recordings after winning a competition. The Foundation has paid the participation fee for the master class of Prof. Pancho Vladigerov and Prof. Padubnaya, as well as participation fee for the International Competition for Instrumentalists and Composers “Music and the Earth”.

Preslav Ganev – student in the State Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”. Achievements for 2005: National Competition “Pancho Vladigerov” for pianists and violinists up to the age of 28, violin group A – certificate for participation in the second tour; International Music Festival “March Music Days”, “Saha Popov” Music Academy – certificate from the violin master class tutored by Prof. Yurij Zhislin. The Foundation financed his participation in the National Competition “Pancho Vladigerov” for violinists and pianists, Shumen.

Peter Sokolov – 6th grade violinist in the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts , master classes with Prof. Ifra Nijman, Yurij Zhislin, Vania Milanova, Mincho Minchev; first-prize at the National Competition for Instrumentalists and Composers “Svetoslav Obretenov”, Prova­dia, 2002, third prize and title of laureate of the National Competition “Pancho Vladi­gerov”, 2005. The Foundation financed his participation in the master class of Prof. Mincho Minchev within the framework of the International Music Festival “Varna Summer”.

Siana Atanasova – 3rd-grade student in the “Yordan Yovkov” Comprehensive School. She has been attending the Children’s Music School for piano with the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts for five years and has won first places in vocal competitions and piano contests. The Foundation financed her participation in the “Franz Schubert” International Competition, where she received the special prize for the youngest participant and second prize for a duo with Nina Nikolova.

Nikola Ivanov – 12th-grade student in the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts, profile classical singing; participant in various competitions as a pianist and performer. First prize of the “Franz Schubert” International Competition in 2005 as a vocal performer and a special prize for the best performance of a Schubert song. The Foundation has been assisting in his education during the current year.


Mihaela Dimova – 8th grade student in the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts – classical ballet class. She has participated in a number of performances of Opera Philharmonic Society of Rousse, including leading parts. The Foundation finances the purchase of ballet accessories for Mihaela’s tuition.


Tihomir Semov – 10th-grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. Тонка”. Achievements for 2005: first place at the regional level and fourth place at the National Mathematics Tournament “Tchernorizetz Hrabur”; tenth place at the International Competition “Mandelbrot”, excellent performance at the International Competition “Australian Kangaroo” second place at the International Competition “European Kangaroo”; first place at the district level of the Mathematics Olympiad. The Foundation financed the fee for Tihomir’s participation in a national course organised by the Bulgarian Academy of Science preparing students for the International Olympiad in Mathematics.

Provision of the annual fee for the School of Mathematical Linguistics to Plamena Mihailova – 6th grade student in the “St. Konstantin-Kiril the Philosopher” European Langua­ges School. Achievements: first place in the Christmas Mathematics School 2004; first place at the Demonstration Competition of Mathematical Linguistcs for Rousse 2005; first place at the Winter Mathematics Competitions, linguistcs section, Burgas 2005; fourth place at the National Mathematics Tournament, Shumen, 2005.

Nikolaj Vulchev - 9th- grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. Achievements: prized place at the International Mathematics Tournament of Cities; first place at the district level of the Mathematics Olympiad; third place at the Easter Mathematics Competition, 2005г.; third place at the International Competition “European Kangaroo” ; excellent performance at the Winter Mathematics Competitions, Burgas, 2005; first place in the Christmas Mathematics Competition 2004. The Foundation financed his fee for participation in a national course organised by the Bulgarian Academy of Science preparing students for the International Olympiad in Mathematics.

Georgi Giurchev - 7th-grade student in the “St. Konstantin- Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School. Achievements: first place at the National Mathematics Olympiad; third place at the National Autumn Informatics Tournament, 2004; third place at the Winter Mathematics Competitions, Burgas 2005; second place at the National Informatics Olympiad, 2005; first place at the National Spring Competition, 2005. Georgi participated as an assistant in the “Initial Programming” classroom of the Children’s Summer Academy 2005. The Foundation finances an annual fee for tuition in the School of Informatics with the Centre for Student Technical and Scientific Creative Work.

Payment of the annual tuition fee in the School of Informatics at the Centre for Student Technical and Scientific Creative Work to Kalina Kandilarova - 8th-grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School. Kalina has extraordinary achievements in international and national competitions in the following fields: mathematics – 21 first places, 7 second places, 5 third places; informatics – 1 first place, 1 third place, 1 fifth place; chess – 8 first places, 8 second places, 3 third places, as well as 1 gold, I silver and 2 bronze medals. Achievements for 2005: second place in the Christmas Mathematics Competition; third place at the Children’s Mathematics Tournament “Acad. Kiril Popov”, first place at the National Mathematics Tournament “Tchernorizetz Hrabur”; first place at International Competition “European Kangaroo”; fourth place at the Winter Mathematics Competitions; seventh place at the Spring Mathematics Competitions; third prize at the International Olympiad in Hong Kong.

Annual grant for extraordinary achievements in the field of informatics to Svetoslav Kolev - freshman in the “Kliment Ohridski” University of Sofia - information technologies profile. Svetoslav’s achievements: international informatics Olympiads: bronze medal - Chicago 2003; silver medals - Athens 2004 and Poland - 2005; silver medal from the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics in Plovdiv 2004; national olympiads in informatics: - first place for 2002, sixth place for 2003, first place for 2004 and third place for 2005; Winter Festival of Mathematics, informatics competitions - first places in 2003, 2004, 2005; second place at the Spring Informatics Tournament 2005; second place at the National Programming Competition “John Atanasov” in 2003 and first in 2004; third place in informatics and fourth in mathematics at the National Informatics and Mathematics Competition “Minko Balkanski”; first place at the Bulgarian Internet Olympiad in Informatics in 2004.

For the second year the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation provided an annual grant for an undergraduate of architecture from Rousse. The funds allotted come from the sale of the book “Progenitors of Rousse - A Gate to Europe” by Rositsa Zlatkova, published by the Foundation in 2002. The edition de luxe in Bulgarian and English presents 300 houses and buildings in Rousse in 64 full-colour pages and over 260 photos as well as the history of families who inhabited them. The criteria for the grant include: certificate of secondary education, completed first year in a higher institution, architecture profile, GPA for the previous year not lower than 5.00, age up to 28. Three students, who applied for the grant, qualified. Following the established rules, the Foundation Board of Directors bestowed the grant for the second time to Svetla Veselinova Grigorova - fourth-year student in the University of Architecture Construction and Surveying - Sofia, architecture profile. The grant is annual and provided monthly to the amount of 75 BGN.

Extracurricular Activities

Elitsa Raeva – 11th-grade student at the “St. Konstantin-Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School, competitor in the “Pristis” Chess School. Achievements for 2005: national champion in blitz for girls up to 18, for girls up to 20 and for women; winner of a total of 29 gold, 18 silver and 21 bronze medals. The Foundation provided Elitsa’s participation fee for the World Championship for Girls up to 18 in France.

PROGRAM “the family OF THE good people” 1 891 lv.

Purchase of textbooks, aids and stationery for Kamelia Georgieva – 11th-grade students at the “St. Konstantin- Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School; Maria Petkova – 5th-grade pupil in “Bratia Miladinovi” Comprehensive School; Nina Yordanova – 12th-grade student in the “Elias Kanetti” Vocational School of Econimics and Management; Maria Pencheva – 7th- grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School; Hristomira Hristova – 8th-grade student in the “Geo Milev” English Language School.

Yana Senkova – first-year student in the College of Tourism – Varna. Funds for ballet accessories to Simona Kojuharova and Desislava Lakerova – 10th-grade students of the classical dance class at the”Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts

Payment of semester tuition fee to Desislava Petkova– second-year student in the College of Medicine “Doctor Ivan Pavlov” – Rousse; Mihaela Georgieva – first-year student – commercial economy profile in the University of Economics – Varna; Strahil Nikolov - second-year student European Studies at the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse;

Yana Senkova – first-year student in the College of Tourism – Varna. Funds for ballet accessories to Simona Kojuharova and Desislava Lakerova – 10th-grade students of the classical dance class at the”Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts.

Reneta Aleksandrova – 11th-grade student in the “Yordan Yovkov” Comprehensive School, competitor of the Sports Dance Club “Flamingo” The Foundation financed the purchase of a special outfit – dress and shoes – for Latin American dances on the occasion of Reneta’s transfer to competitive pair in class B.

Payment of fees for a summer school with Folklore Dance Theatre “Naiden Kirov” to dancers Nadia Petrova – 5th-grade pupil in the “Olimpi Panov” Comprehensive School and Denislav and Sanislav Penev – 3rd-grade pupils in the “Hristo Botev” Comprehensive School.


Following tradition in 2005 the “Best Western Bistra and Galina” Hotel again provided support to the “March Music Days” International Festival. The Hotel hosted 11 of the most distinguished participants in the prestigious festival– soloists and tutors of the master classes with the “Sasha Popov” Academy, an important part of the festival programme. The Bulgarian National Commission for UNESCO, the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and School Association for Global Education SAGE organised the fourth edition of “The Art of Synergy” International Summer Academy for Students and Teachers - Learning Tolerance and Partnership under the aegis of UNESCO – Paris, July 9 – 17, 2005, Triavna - Bulgaria. As part of the observance of United Nations Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World –2001-2010, the World Decade for Sustainable Development Education 2005 – 2015, the UN Programme for Human Rights Education, the European Year for Democratic Citizenship through Education 2005 and UNESCO priority Programme 2005 – 2015 for promotion of the principles of democracy, cooperation and peace based on human rights students and teachers from Associated Schools were invited to participate in activities aimed at learning tolerance and partnership through the Art of UNESCO Synergy. The Summer Academy “Learning Tolerance and Partnership” was held within the framework of “The Art of Synergy” project for schools associated with UNESCO and interested partner school networks in Europe and the Arab Region. It was a follow-up of ASP Festivities, 1999, Discussion Forum 2002, SEE*JOY 2001, Summer Academy 2003. The long-term objectives of the project involve school and interschool activities on the national and international level designed: • To raise awareness to the meaning of tolerance, freedom, human rights, and justice in civil society; • To build life skills for a culture of peace through constructive forms of conflict resolution; • To stimulate critical thinking and creative problem-solving methods for a democratic, sustainable and conflict-free future; · To create the art of synergy through intercultural learning and sensitise young people to different cultural perspec­tives. To develop and introduce multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches for tolerance and peace education and to produce appropriate teaching materials for secondary schools; • To enhance co-operation among schools associated with UNESCO through the systematic sharing of experiences, results obtained, consultations, summer schools for students, exchange visits and publication of a newsletter; • To encourage the development of new bilateral and multilateral projects among the participating countries. The Summer Academy sought to involve students and teachers from Schools Associated with UNESCO in eight-day activities in order to learn tolerance and partnership in international teams via art and workshop sessions, sports and entertainment. 89 teachers and students from 16 countries participated in the Summer Academy. The Foundation provided payment of the participation fees of one teacher and one student from Rousse - Ms. Veselina Obreshkova and Denitsa Gancheva- 11th-grade student, both from the “St. Konstantin- Kiril the Philosopher” European Languages School. At the end of September the Board of Directors of the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation held its successive 24th session to consider 18 individual and team projects and granted the sum of 1930 BGN. The larger part of the funds the Foundation had received as a donation from the Rotary Club of New Castle, the United Kingdom with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Rousse. In accordance with the will of the donor the funds were allotted to purchase textbooks and school materials for 15 children in a socially disadvantaged position, who had applied with the Foundation. Traditionally the Foundation provided funding for the annual fees of two best-performing pupils who had participated in the “Initial Programming” classroom within the Children’s Summer Aca­demy. Iskren Nekovar and Gospodin Lalev were provided with the possibility to learn during 2005-2006 in the Informatics School at the Centre for Student Technical and Scientific Creative Work - Rousse tutored by Katalina Grigorova PHD and Associate Professor Plamenka Hristova - lecturers at the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse. Annual tuition fees were provided to participants in the “Mathematics Linguistics” classroom within the Children’s Summer Academy 2005 - Hristo Mirchev and Maria Getsova to attend a course in the Mathematical Linguistcs School at the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, tutored by Associate Professor Iliana Raeva, lecturer at the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse. The “Best Western Bistra and Galina” Hotel financed yet another international initiative by hosting 40 children vocalists from the Greek Children’s Choir of Nea Yonia conducted by Ms. Roksani Giarenti. The young performers visited Rousse on the invitation of the Girls’ Formation of the “Dunavski Vulni” Choir at the Children’s Centre for Culture and Arts - Head Artistic Director and Conductor - Ms. Vesela Todorova. The two choirs gave a Christmas concert in the Plenary Hall of Rousse Municipality.

OPEN PROGRAM 9 705 lv.

From 9th to 13th of March 2005 hotel “Bistra & Galina” played host to the State individual chess-championship for girls up to 18 years. 16 girls, members of 9 chess clubs from all over the country participate in the competition. Elitsa Raeva - an exhibitioner of the Foundation and a member of “Pristis” chess club - Rousse, bore the palm of the championship, which was hold in 7 rounds. The winner from Rousse had the final position with 6 from 7 possible total points. The youngest participant of the championship Silvena Miteva - 11 years old talent also supported by the Foundation, managed to rank 15th among all competitors.
On May 5th the Foundation received as guests the First Secretary of the Embassy of the China People’s Republic in Bulgaria Mr. Ge Zhiqiang and the Cultural Adviser Li Baozong. The visit was programmed within the Days of Chinese Culture in Bulgaria. The diplomats expressed interest in the activities of our organisation as a leader in the region in the support provided to talented young people. Good practices from the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation programmes were demonstrated and issues of collaboration between the two countries were discussed, including exchange of students and performing groups. The guests were greeted with the performance of several laureates of national and international competitions, Foundation grantees.
The celebration of the Day of Slavic Script and Culture - 24th of May was marked by a joint initiative of the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation and the Rotary Club of Rousse - a charitable exhibition entitled “The Association of Characters”.
The idea came from five artists in the 9th grade of the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts, who decided to paint 30 pictures, each of which would show a letter from the Bulgarian alphabet through emotional symbols. The project was approved within the Open Programme at the March session of the Board of Directors so the Foundation financed the purchase of all painting materials. Each of the five girls was assigned the task to make 6 pictures showing her idea of the given character and the associations evoked by it. Nadjin Rasimova, Aleksandrina Tozeva, Elitsa Buchvarova, Irena Ignatova and Irina Ivanova chose the name “Gamut” for their creative team and the pictures were ready within a month. Apart from the original idea for this project, the girls decided that the proceeds of their exhibition should go to charity to be used for the purchase of aids and painting materials for the students in the fine arts class in their school.
The exhibition was hosted by the owners of the “Griffon” Gallery - Daniela and Plamen Minchev, who supported the Foundation initiative yet another time. The Rotary Club joined the project by providing funds for the frames and finish-off of the pictures. The Foundation team would like to thank the Rousse artist Mitko Tozev, who devoted much of his time to arrange the pictures in the exhibition.
The total sum of the exhibition proceeds came to 260 BGN and went to buy painting materials for all students in the class of the five girls.
The “Kalagia Sports Club” Society - the Foundation financed the participation of two best-performing club contestants - Tania Tzankova 21 and Ivan Deskov - 8th-grade student in the “Baba Tonka” Mathematics School in the International Competition of Tai-Chi-Chuan in Paris, organized by the European Federation, where the two of them got prizes.
Nursery School “Chervenata Shpchitsa” /Red Riding Hood/ specialised in arts offers education in additional formations not included in the traditional curriculum – folklore dance formation, vocal group, ballet studio, children’s theatre. The vocal group named “Sladurani” /The Sweet Ones/ has got numerous participations and prizes in municipal, national and international competitions, winner of first prize in the International Competition for Children’s Popular Song “Rechni Noti”
/River Notes/, Tutrakan, November 2004. It participates by tradition in city festivities and concerts organized by the Municipality of Rousse. The new project of the nursery school, whose headmistress is Ms. Plamenka Angelova, envisages the release of a compact disc with 10 original songs by Haigashot Agasian performed by the “Sladurani” group. The Foundation supported the initiative by paying the recording of 5 songs in a professional studio and the publication of an advertising leaflet of the vocal group.
A pageant of children in the costumes of Brothers’ Grimm and Andersan’s fairy-tale characters, led by the city wind instruments band, opened the First of June Festival organised by the Municipal Children’s Centre of Culture and Arts. The festival was joined by participants from the Rousse nursery schools and guests from Giurgiu. The show was performed on the square in front of the Municipality. The prizes for the best singers, actors and artists were provided by the “Bistra and Galina” Hotel Foundation.
The “Children’s Summer Academy Bistra and Galina” has already become emblematic. The interest the fifth edition was substantial – over 110 children applied to participate. Almost all pupils had excellent grades at school. This made the selection very difficult, but resulted in a real Academy of Talents. Taking into account the two basic criteria – excellence at school and achievements in the relevant field, the Foundation approved the participation of 79 children aged 11– 16, coming from all schools in Rousse.
The project is aimed at scouting for talents by providing possibilities for interesting non-standard extracurricular activities. This year the programme involved tuition in six “classrooms” tutored by distinguished professionals and experts in the respective field..
The team of the “Bistra and Galina” Hotel Foundation would like to thank all who supported the project and assisted in its successful realisation: the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse”, the “Ivan Vazov” Primary School, Ms. Magdalena Dakova’s Psychology Consulting Office, all of which provided premises for the academy activities free of charge, as well as all tutors and volunteers who participated in the preparation and realisation of the Academy with their free contribution.
In the year 2005 the project was accomplished with the assistance of the “Culture” department of the Rousse Municipality in accordance with a competition for art projects and sponsored by “Sparki” Shareholding Company.
On July 18 the Executive Director Diana Antonova formally opened the first “school” day of the Academy in the summer garden of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel. This year’s Academy had the following areas of study:
1. “Journalism” classroom - the classes were taught by Gergana Ilieva, editor-in-chief of the “Darik” radio - Rousse and Associate Professor Sonia Aleksieva PhD, Lecturer of Community Liaison in the New Bulgarian University, Sofia University, University of National Economics, a qualified journalist.
2. Classroom “Pero” Literary Club- tutor Iglika Peeva, journalist in the Radio Centre of Rousse.
3. “Mathematics Lingui­stics” classroom - tutor Iliana Raeva, Head of the Rousse School in Computer Linguistics and Lecturer in the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse”.
4. “Initial Programming” classroom - tutors Katalina Grigorova PhD and Associate Professor Plamenka Hristova, lecturers in the “Angel Kunchev” University of Rousse.
5. “Entertaining Psychology” classroom - tutor Magdalena Dakova, psychologist.
6. “Theatre Factory” classroom - tutored by students from the New Bulgarian University Milena Stanoievich “Acting and Directing” speciality, Albena Hristova - “Dance Theatre” profile and Zlatna Mihailova- “Stage Decoration” profile.
The classes went on for ten days, 4 hours a day. The Foundation provided the participants with lunch and all necessary materials, aids and literature for classroom tuition. There was no payment for the tutors.
During the first week the young journalists were taught the fine details of reporting, interviewing and compiling questionnaires. The reports made by the children themselves went to make a radio programme broadcasted by the regional and national “Darik” radio. The second week was devoted to writing journalese - the skills to write articles, make journalist investigations, follow and report current news. Each member of the team performed their tasks as to the function they found suited them best– thus they elected an editor-in-chief and deputy-editors, reporters, sports, economy, culture columnists and others. Finally, at the closing of the Academy, the participants demonstrated the radio interviews and reports they had made and presented to the audience the design of a real newspaper, promising to continue their work on it during the summer so that they could release it for the readers on the first school day. The newspaper called “Summer 2005 - a Perfect Holiday in 82 Days”, composed, edited and printed with the assistance of Associate Professor Sonia Aleksieva, came out of print and was promoted - as promised previously by the young journalists - on September 15, again in the summer garden of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel.
The editorial board headed by Damiana Radionova presented a four-page report of the “Summer Academy 2005”, Top Twenty of Rousse sites and poetry.
The children of the “Pero” Literary Club were the youngest participants in the Academy and consequently the merriest, the most playful and outgoing. They worked in the classroom and in the open - in the park, on the Embankment, downtown. They learned how to write short stories, verse, essays, they mastered spelling and style of expression. On the last day they presented a recital of their works in an ingenious manner - the came out onto the stage painted in bright colours, riding bicycles and rollers, yelling their verse. After the emotional performance, the young poets decorated the stage with balloons and dedicated a message to all academicians, which was received by those present with loud applause and was flown in the sky at the end of the gala-concert of the Academy. The Children’s Manifesto read:
“We send these balloons into the sky because there is nothing more important than children’s fantasy!
It is the heavenly nook in each one of us. It is the driving force of progress. It makes the flower of creation bloom.
We learned all that in the Summer Academy of Bistra and Galina” during the two weeks, which passed as a fleeting moment.
Thank you for this most important lesson in our lives!
Till we meet again!
Till new flights, friends!
The participants in the Informatics classroom were given the difficult task of learning the basics in the field of programming. After a week’s theoretical preparation, homework assignments and problem solution, they set about working out their own small programmes in four teams. Thanks to their joint efforts and really hard work they managed to demonstrate to the audience how their programmes functioned.
The participants in the “Mathematics Linguistics” course studied and solved linguistic problems – translation of words, coding, making of visiting cards, translation of sentences, elaborating their own tasks. They worked with Word 97, Power Point, the Internet. The demonstration of what they had learned included an impressive multimedia presentation.
The children from the “Entertaining Psychology” classroom were involved in studying methods of auto-psycho-training – self-knowledge, self-control, self-improvement. They acquired skills in self-analysis, asking constructive questions, making interviews and summarising them, stimulating their personal intellectual and creative resources, communicating. They demonstrated their accomplishments by holding psychological questionnaires with participants from the other classrooms and commenting on these for the audience.
The young actors from the “Theatre Factory” were introduced to dramatic artistry, choreography, stage decoration. They prepared their own theatrical composition after fairy-tales and made their own costumes. The staging was a modern interpretation of a well-known tale by Charles Perot entitled “For the Red Hoods and the Wolves”. The Foundation experimented once again by inviting university students as tutors in the Academy and everybody was delighted with their work and their final product. Zlatna, Albena and Milena were devoted teachers, they managed to get the children interested and the results could be seen from the start. The young actors were so enthusiastic that they wished to have double the time for rehearsals. The students’ ingenious approach and their dramatic talent contributed to a professional level of their work, appreciated both by the children and the audience at the final performance. Under the guidance of their tutors the budding actors made the script of a play after their own short stories, they made their costumes and presented their dance. Their performance, the finish-off of the “Children’s Summer Academy 2005” was applauded by the Rousse audience and was assessed by the local media as unique to the city.
On July 28, a day before closing the Academy, the participants, together with their tutors went on an excursion and visited the Historical Museum of Razgrad, the “Sborianovo” site, the “Sveshtari” complex in Isperih and looked around the “Royal Tomb”. After that they continued their work and play in the open air.
The”Children’s Summer Academy 2005” of the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation was closed with a formal finale - a gala-concert in the Rousse Hall attended by all participants, parents, friends, donors and journalists. The “academicians” from each classroom presented what they had learned, demonstrated the results achieved my making well-prepared presentations and games with the audience. The final part was devoted to granting certificates for participation to all children and tutors. The greatest surprise came with a huge cake enjoyed by guests and hosts alike. The cake was cut by the youngest tutor in the Academy - Zlatna Mihailova.
A team of five 9th-grade students - humanities profile of the “Hristo Botev” Comprehensive School- Gergana Ilieva, Denimir Lazarov, Preslava Georgieva, Emilia Yordanova and Simona Petrova, under the instruction of their teacher in Bulgarian Language and Literature Andrei Bobev, made their independent ethnographic field studies of the village of Exzarh Yosif - Rousse Region. With their initial studies the team participated in the competition of the Regional Historical Museum of Rousse entitled “I will tell you the story of my family”, where they won first place, and in the Eighth Spring Readings of the “Ongul” Association held in the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Veliko Turnovo. The Bistra and Galina Foundation financed the project of the young ethnologists. The aim was to continue the research and make detailed studies of the cultural heritage of the village of Exzarh Yosif. The material necessary for field work - dictophones, audio­cassettes, photo films, stationery, were provided. The results of the ethnographic work done were submitted to the Regional Historical Museum of Rousse for use and represented at the Thirteenth Autumn Readings of the “Ongul” Association, as well as at the Fourth National History Competition “Family History and the Vicissitudes of the XXth Century” organised by the “Values” Foundation - Sofia.
The International Competition “Franz Schubert” aims to establish itself as an international sustainable event and become part of the European Schubert Music Festivities. The Fifth Edition (November 21-27, 2005) organised by the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts – Rousse covers the whole range of Schubert’s music by introducing four categories – piano, classical singing, keyboard ensembles for four hands and chamber music. The jury of adjudicators comprises distinguished pedagogues and performers of Schubert’s music from Bulgaria, Austria and Russia. The Foundation is a traditional partner in holding the event by providing money awards for the participants in category A, first age group.
A Christmas party for handicapped children, members of the “Courage” Society and their friends, was organised at the end of December. The event was realised thanks to the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation and some businesses who had undertaken to participate in the charitable act. The role of Father Christmas was performed by the actor Ognian Zhekov, while the children from the “Iglika” nursery school entertained the guests with song and dance. Presents and pastry were provided for over 80 children. The event focused on getting healthy and handicapped children celebrate together.
Thanks to “Megahim” Company and the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation the vocal group of the “Ivan Vazov” Primary School conducted by Irena Georgieva performed a Christmas concert in the Bulgarian school in Bucharest. The formation has existed for over 20 years now and rates among the best of the Rousse formations. The provision of transport and payment of toll fees to pass the border made it possible for the Bulgarian children to give joy to their peers in the Bucharest Lyceum.
In the middle of November the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation started its traditional charity campaign “Rousse Christmas”. The campaign was mounted under the motto “For Another Child’s Smile in 2006” and included the sale of Christmas and New Year’s cards for the sake of charity. The total proceeds for this year’s initiative amount to 8094 BGN, thus surpassing the results achieved during the previous two years. The money collected will go to realise the project “Children’s Summer Academy 2006”. The increased sum will make it possible to organise yet another classroom for young talents. The idea is that as early as the summer a “Father Christmas Workshop” should be opened to close the cycle of the creative process for the next year. With the cards the children’s smiles have so far reached over 7500 offices, homes and institutions. The most successful design was enjoyed by the artist from the “Prof. Vesselin Stoyanov” Secondary School of Arts Nadjin Rasimova. Her “Christmas in Rousse” was printed with a circulation of 1800 copies due to great demand. Thanks to the young artists, the “smiling message” found its way abroad too.
By tradition the team of the Organisation made a report of the results from the initiative in a press conference held in the “Best Western Bistra and Galina” Hotel. The name of the company that bought the greatest number of cards was announced.
The team would like to thank all who bought “smiles” and thus subscribed to the idea and the overall activity of the Foundation.