On October 1st, 2004 – in a year’s time – I will invite you to the opening of the hotel extension. The swimming pool, the rehabilitation centre, the conference hall and the ten de luxe rooms will be ready! None of the colleagues from the Bulgarian Hoteliers Restauranteurs Association crowding around Strashimir Burdarov question his words although he hah not started excavating the foundations yet. Would he succeed? With his perfectionism and quality standards? In those short construction terms unbelievable in Bulgaria? But when the proprietor of the Bistra and Galina Hotel pledged his word, there was no going back on it. Everybody was aware of that – those who had done business with him and those who had stayed in the three-star hotel complex.
The Friday of October 1st, 2004 saw over 300 people fill up the summer garden of the hotel. Across the street there rose the south wing as a replica of the north hotel wing. All complete with the swimming pool, the rehabilitation centre, the conference hall and the ten de luxe rooms – just like the distinguished citizen of Rousse had promised.
The Burdarovs’ initial intention to build a small hotel in a quite street downtown changed with time as did the layout and building design even after the construction had started. The hotel complex designed by Architect Rumyana Kalugina was built and equipped entirely by Bulgarian firms. The personal ideas and aspirations of the owners were numerous and the builders had to follow them. It is natural for people of a rich cultural background possessing their own style and conceptions to reach for the best.

The hotel is unique not only in terms of construction history and design. It was built in memory of two deceased daughters – Bistra and Galina – whose names will be the symbol of charity for decades to come. There is no other hotel, not in Bulgaria and perhaps elsewhere, which is meant to develop and make profit in order to sustain a foundation whose mission is to assist in the education and creative work of talented children. The two red hearts blazing in the hotel logo are familiar to hundreds of Bulgarians and foreigners as the harbingers of the hope that there are still people like Zdravka and Strashimir Burdarov in this world.

The hotel staff was selected among scores of applicants. The requirements comprise professional qualifications, fluency in two foreign languages and good manners. But not only that – the Burdarovs wish to have employees knowledgeable and skilled in the European style of service. In 2004 a new position was introduced after the hotel extension – a specialist in hotel management with the status of deputy manager. The post was assigned to Milena Aleksandrova promoted from the receptionists’ team. Miss Aleksandrova has a B.A. degree of tourism – Higher Economic Institute – Varna and an M.A. degree – University of Veliko Turnovo. She is proficient in French and English. Good luck, Milena!

Today after the extension the Bistra and Galina Hotel-Foundation avails of 70 beds laid out in 27 double rooms, 8 single rooms, two studios and two apartments. The luxurious buildings have the elegance, design and beauty of a place built with the love for a home. The new component is addressed to the patrons of the hotel: if they wish to tone themselves up and keep up a good condition, they can use the extra services offered by the sports rehabilitation centre equipped with all necessary facilities, comfort and massage programmes. The fitness hall, the infra-red cabin, the vertical turbo solarium, the Roman steam bath and the swimming pool with jacuzzi are there to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.
The Bistra and Galina Hotel, whose basic target market is addressed to business patrons, offers conditions for work and recreation in a comfortable and relaxed environment. There is a fully equipped conference hall with 70 seats which can accommodate business meetings, seminars, cocktail parties.
During the five years of its existence the hotel complex won a lot of distinctions. This year the hotel team was awarded the International Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry of Trade Leaders Club – Madrid, Spain, as well as the acknowledgement of the Bulgarian Hoteliers Restauranteurs Association – Bulgaria with the title “City Hotel of the Year 2004”.

The Bistra and Galina Hotel-Foundation is the seat of the Rousse Rotary Club. On May 31, 2004 the Rotary Club of Rousse celebrated its tenth chartering anniversary with a ceremonial session and a press conference in the Regal restaurant of the Bistra and Galina Hotel-Foundation. These were attended by numerous journalists, guests and public figures.