Born in 2002, the idea to express gratitude to the donor who contributed the largest amount of funds, consideration or labour to support the mission of the Foundation, crystalised in a Gold Prize “Donor of the Year “. The 2004 distinction was awarded to the “Sparki” Shareholding Company. The “Gold Prize for Donor of the Year” /gold – sample 585, 1.82 grams/ together with a certificate and passport was presented by last year’s prize-winner Mrs. Nadka Georgieva – executive director of “Himsnab – 7004” Shareholding Company.
Mr. Chavdar Plaharov – executive manager of “Sparki” Shareholding Company was unable to attend so the award was received by the technical manager Mr. Alexander Vladimirov at a special ceremony in the new conference hall of the hotel complex. The prize-winner emphasised that the company was open to charity and quoted Raina Kabaivanska’s words: “The talented do not always have funds whereas the rich are not necessarily talented”. Congratulations!