Donated sum - 1500 lv.

The “Bistra & Galina” Hotel-Foundation issued a special invitation to Ivan Zvezdev

author of the bTV programme “Bon Appetit” for a week’s stay during which the crew filmed a series of sessions on location in various historical and cultural sights of Rousse, showing indigenous recipes. Ivan Zvezdev made two transmissions from the “Bistra & Galina” Hotel, which were broadcasted on June 26 and June 27. The first session was shot on location in the “Regal” Restaurant of the hotel complex presenting two dishes from the European menu of the restaurant – “Roma Salad” and “Fillet Hollandaise”. The “Regal” menu was made by Mr. Fritz Feldmayer – chief manager of a chain of hotels in Albena maintained by the Spanish hotel chain “RIU” and consultant of the Dutch programme in the International College “Maastricht”. The second session was shot on location in the summer garden of the “Regal” Restaurant where, amid flowers and the susarant hum of a fountain, the two chefs demonstrated their skills. Mr. Feldmayer personally cooked dishes of seafood before the cameras of “Bon Appetit”.

A new luncheon menu was introduced in the “Regal” Restaurant of the “Bistra & Galina” hotel complex in 2003. It focuses on hollistic recipes of environment-friendly ingredients.
Dr. Emilova is the programme consultant.
The picture to the right presents the staff catering for the good mood and sound health of the restaurant guests