Margaret Mott argues “…a group of citizens devoted to a cause can change the world...”. We believe in this maxim and with the years others have come to believe in it with us. The idea of expressing gratitude to the donor, who had contributed the most with funds and work in support of the Foundation mission, was born in 2002. The “Gold Prize for Donor of the Year” /gold – sample 585/ was established. Mrs. Nadka Georgieva – executive director of “Himsnab – 7004” Shareholding Company was awarded the 2003 prize. The prize together with a certificate and passport was bestowed at a special ceremony in the Regal Restaurant in the presence of reporters and officials by the prize bearer of the 2002 award Mrs. Zdravka Burdarova. A donor’s certificate was also granted to Mrs. Milka Georgieva – executive director of “Himsnab – Rousse” Shareholding Company.