The Regional Court of Justice of Rousse certifies that on the basis of article 33 from the Law for Legal Entities with Non-economic Purpose, with verdict ¹ 320 of 19.02.2002, the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation has been included in the Register of Legal Entities with Non-economic Purpose under ¹ 386 in volume 7, page 29 at ¹ 1230/ 1998, with license ¹1798012302.
Goal, funds and subject of activity: creating conditions for the formation of cultured and spiritually developed personalities, as well as encouraging the artistic and creative talent in young people. Contributing to the further development of the spiritual and cultural communication between people; supporting talented necessitous children and gifted young people from Rousse in their education, professional training and artistic development; improving the living conditions, education and upbringing of naturally and socially parentless children; promoting and working for the preservation of Rousse’s cultural heritage.
The Foundation was established to act for an indefinite term and for private utility. The property of the Foundation consists of an initial sum donated by the founder, amounting to 2000 lv., as well as $1000, income deducted from the profits of “Bistra and Galina” Hotel, donations, testaments, etc. Administration: Managing Board and Chairman. The Managing Board consists of 7 members and is elected for a 3-year mandate. The Foundation is represented by the Chairman or by a person explicitly authorized by the Chairman for that purpose. Chairman of the Managing Board is Mr. Strashimir Hristov Bardarov.

In August 2001 the Foundation came into possession of a new office and reception room in the “Bistra and Galina” Hotel Complex.