The book “Partners for Local Development - Best Practices for Bulgaria”, published by the Foundation for Reform in the Local Self-government and “Start for Effective Civil Initiatives” Foundation – 2001, reviews some successful cases of partnership between citizens and local authorities in Bulgaria, realized for the sake of solving local problems. Emphasis is laid on the necessity to accumulate and share experience, which could facilitate all parties involved in a conflict through ideas, methods and practical solutions. The practices described in the book were realized in communities all over the country. The objective was to include different points of view concerning the relationship between citizens and local authorities and contribute to the development of such a cooperation in Bulgaria. The “Bistra and Galina” Foundation was included in the book of practices with two of its initiatives: “Future for the Children” – a professional training class for children suffering from cerebral paralysis and a slight form of oligophrenia and “Family of the Good People” – a kindergarten for disabled children.
On 03.05.2001, at an official ceremony in the “Danube Plaza” restaurant were granted the awards of “Darik Radio” for economics – 2001. Some of the most prominent companies were among the nominees, and the organizers of the ceremony rated the prizes for social commitment most highly. The “Bistra and Galina” Foundation was granted the “Investment of Greatest Social Effect” certificate.