DONORS - 2001
Total donated sum - 126 652 lv.

We wish to acknowledge the contribution of and express our endless gratitude to all these friends of the “Bistra and Galina” Foundation, whose donation, humble it may be, allowed us to develop our programme of “The Family of the Good People” till the end of 2001.

Bingo Barsa
Pimat - Nenovi
“Miss W – V. Vasileva” Lovech
“Stef” – Diana Peeva
“Sasha Impex”
ICC “Bulstrad”
“Open Society Club” - Rousse
The Corps of Peace
LUKOIL Bulgaria
Meat Works - Rousse
ICC “Europa” - Rousse
Shipping company BM, dep. “Bulkom” Varna
“Avangard Print” - Rousse
“P. Katcarov” Print - P. Trambesh
The Court of Justice - Rousse
Regional TV Center - Rousse
RALIZ - Rousse
“Ljuben Karavelov” Library - Rousse
“Riga Hotels”
“Rubikon Shipping” – Rousse
“Rubolt” - Rousse
“Tobosh” - Rousse
“Vegast Spedtrans” Varna
TB “Biohim”
Power station East

MFDC – Rousse
“Primax” Ltd. – Rousse
Lion’s Club “Ister”
Leo + Rotary Club

Fashion show “Kapriz”
Students from English Language School - Rousse
Students from Matematic High School - Rousse
Students from “Vazragdane” High School
Students from Electrical engineering High School
Students from College of Clothes - Rousse
Students from “Hristo Botev” High School
Students from “Konstantin Kiril Philosof”
High School
Students from SPTSM “Atanas Burov” - Rousse
School “Europa” - Rousse
Regional Forum of Development

Strashimir Bardarov
Zdravka Bardarova
Elena Antonich
Ljubov Draganova
Milen Nachev
Tzveta Nenova
Yordanka Nenova
Ivan Petkov
Sevda Tzvetanova

With all our heart we thank all of them for their support!